Alright, I don’t do enough shameless promotion around here, and I’m far too lazy to type anything up of substance today, so I’m going to take the day to promote myself and all the crap I’ve been putting out lately. This is a cattle call for all of you to buy something from me. The idea is that if I can get sales to go up, I can drop prices. I’m ordering everything piecemeal right now, so prices are high. If I can get volume up, prices go down. It’s all about economics.

Kate Moss did some coke, and the biggest surprise of all was that millions of people came to my website because of it. This shirt celebrates that. She pushed the rock, she’s a star, she’s a rock star. Do the math. This ain’t high-brow humor here or anything.

The biggest reason to get these shirts is that they may not be around long — I keep getting TOS’ed everywhere I go to have them printed up. I’m not dedicated enough to the cost to buy a screen printing machine for my room, so when they’re gone, they’re gone..

$25 + 5

Adam Curry is a Jerk. That’s what the shirt says, and that’s what he is. Why do I say this? Why am I so mean? Frankly, it’s simply because Adam claims credit for everything ever done, he doesn’t return emails or phone calls, and he steals my ideas and tries to enter into competition with me every chance he can get.

It’s annoying as hell, so I figured I’d put it on a shirt. I own this shirt, I wear it once a week, so how’s that for endorsement. Be like me (a spiteful, bitter, grudge holding blogger). It’s attractive.

$25 + 5

Play God. This is the infamous ‘Play God’ shirt we used to wear back in our days in the Dallas geekhouse, featuring the old Rizzn.Com sitelogo on the front pocket, and a pensive image of Alan Greenspan on the back.

Alan Greenspan is the fed chairman, for those of you who don’t know politics. He controls the US Economy, and ergo the world. Since Earth is the center of the universe, it’s fair to say he has God-like powers, influencing intergalactic politics with as little as an inopportune sneeze.

$25 + 5

Ladies <3 Rizzn. They do! That’s not to say that most of the ladies who love Rizzn don’t eventually crack and become crazed and legally insane shadows of their former self, but they do love Rizzn.

This is the shirt you wear when you’re a lady, and you want to proclaim your love for me. It’s got a picture of me in my Patron Saint of Whatever icon garb.

Seriously, the ladies do love me.


$25 + 5

Soundtrack to My Car. This one, if you’ve gotten any of the old Riz Mix CDS, has a lot of material from Riz Mix 6 or 5 that was reworked into something that you’d actually want to listen to. I finished some decade old projects for this CD, and came out with some stuff that actually sounds cutting edge, instead of horribly dated. (that which is old is new again).

You can buy the CD, or even download it for free from the website. Do both!

$10 + 5

John Garvin Fan Club vs. DJ Rizzn. This one’s actually been up for sale for about three or four or five years now, I just never got around to marketing it for personal reasons (grudge with the band leader). I’ve since gotten over my emotional trauma, and am open for business.

It’s a split – half me djing, and half my production work for JGFC. They’ve got an atypical indie sound. If you hunt around on Last.FM or acidPlanet, you’ll be able to find something of theirs laying around.

$10 + 5

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