Newest Order of Kate and Adam Shirts
I just recieved notification that the latest shipment of Kate Moss and Adam Curry tshirts are shipping.  If you live inside the continental US, you can expect your shirts within the next 3–6 days.

The Colbert Report
Joel said today:

Studies have shown consistently that people that only get their news from the John Stewart are 30% more accuratley informed than people who only get their news from FOX.  Of course, Slime mold growing in my shower is better informed than people who only get their news from FOX.

I think that it is pretty important to include that people who watch Fox News Channel about as accurately informed as viewers from MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, CBS News, or any other mainstream news source.  I remember reviewing a study that Joel is probably quoting here that the only media consumer differences occur when you look at people who consume a multitude of different types of media.  Those that consume blogs and MSM or those that consume public radio and print, etc, are all better informed than those that get their news from one type of primary source.

RE: Technorati Buzz Index
This Times Select business is ruining my life.  Ever since the New York Times has decided to charge for online access to editorials, the Technorati buzz index has been jammed up with keyword searches for John Tierney, Paul Krugman, and whatever other idjits that they have over there spewing swill.  A million cheapsake NYTimes readers are clogging up Technorati with searches so they can find their precious editorial drivel for free somewhere.

What’s the moral of the story?  Clearly, liberals are interested in hearing what their favorite fact-spinners have to say, but they don’t think the words are actually worth paying real money for.

I’m Going to be Published
I just got word back from a few different publishers on a book manuscript I’ve been sending out for the last few months.  I’ve gotten a few yeses, a bunch of turn-downs, and several no replies, and a couple return to senders.  The upside is that I have a few yeses to compare and evaluate to see which one is going to do the most marketing of the book.  More on this as it develops… once I sign a deal with someone, I’ll tell you guys a bit more about it, but just to tease you a little bit: it’s an auto-biography focusing on a nine-month period of my life from several years ago.  I envision it being a coffee table book, but most publishers don’t want to handle those.  We’ll see.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Clusterflux Anomaly are putting out a new episode soon.  Go check it out once it’s updated, it’s supposed to be a special episode.

Kate Moss turns down Doherty visit. In our continuing coverage of this blasted Kate Moss story, Gawker today paints a picture of what will end up being the final nail in the coffin to the US ecomonmy as a result of Kate’s decision.

My Basket Case remix is getting rave reviews from all who listen to it.  Go download it.

That’s more or less all I got today.