I just got a call from our favorite displaced Floridian. (That’s Mark Hopkins, for those of you in Rio Linda.) It would seem that he is chugging right along. He’s doing a lot of walking and eating from street barbecues, but he’s okay.

He tried to get me to apply for FEMA disaster assistance, but somehow I didn’t feel right about that. I’ve given up on AACS ever paying me the $1742.00 they owe me. I’m sure they are out of business now, anyway. Clown shoes.

Much to Mark’s anger and dismay, it would seem that no one in San Francisco reads the newspaper. He’s gotten calls from his PR rep and his venture capitalist, both of whom want to know why he’s missing appointments, or hasnt turned whatever in. I find this very disturbing. Perhaps the people of San Francisco are too busy planning gay pride parades, putting up rainbow flags, and reading the style section to notice that south Florida is a hellhole right now. Aside from that, Mark’s mother hasn’t even called him. That’s worse than disturbing in my view. That’s evil.

Mark tells me the newspaper says the wealthy neighborhoods of Miami will be getting their power restored first. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I suppose the best we can hope for is that it will trigger some “trickle down” economics, or something.

Mark was able to get some money out of his paypal account, so the plan now is for him to buy some gasoline, head to the airport, and shoot off to Texas. He plans on staying there for about a month. Acoording to him, that seems to be the plan for a lot of folks, as he says half his street has moved out of state.

A big thank you to everone who has helped out.

More as it happens.

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