Hey all –

Just a quick note to all my loyal readers – thanks for sticking with me and helping me out. I’ve traveled out to Cooper City, Florida, where they actually have some power and internet connections. It’s about an hour’s travel from my house. Many thanks to Debbie (Matthew, Joel, and Michael’s mother) for housing me and hunting me down an internet connection. The Blip server was in horrible shape, and I had to do some overdue maintainence. What I’ve done should tide it over until next Tuesday, at which point I can do the open heart surgery it needs to the machine.

With regards to the donations of time and information – your help has been invaluable in keeping me alive, as well as all the other denizens of 12th street in Pompano Beach. I want to send out special thanks to Smokehouse, Darrell, Matthew, Joel, Traci, my dad, and everyone else who called with their warm wishes and good information.

My plan, as of now, is to take a month in Texas to get my life straightened out, and figure out what we’re doing with Blip. The main thing is to get the VC situation straightened out, as well as get the server operational long term, again.

Then, of course, we’ve got to address the long term stability of AACS. AACS took a major hit during the storm. Our South-facing doors were blown wide open during the storm, and we may have taken up to $35,000 worth of property damage (and that’s purely in lost equipment). We’ve yet to fully assess the extent of the damage. Luckily, our data is secure, and our employees are safe, so we can rebuild.

I’ve got a lot of … interesting … stories and pictures to share with you next week, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, Matthew, Art, and Darrell will keep you updated through this blog while I’m incommunicado. As always, the best way to get a hold of me is to leave me a voice mail (the number is on the side of the page here). As for my email, it’s pretty much out of my reach right now, as my spam filters are the only thing that make it readable, and I can’t apply them through my web-based email readers.

Until we speak again, be well, and thanks again.