Howdy all.

I’m safely arrived in Texas, and suffering slight intestinal discomfort from the whopping plate of jalepenos that I ate last night to celebrate my return to Big D.

I’m sure you needed to know that.

I’m headed straight to work on a lot of important tasks that have been neglected over the last few days, like fixing the Blip server, processing sales and disputes for AACS, and making phone calls to the requisite business partners.

To get an urgent email through to me, send it to (until I check my pop account).

My metro phone doesn’t work down here, so in the meantime, just leave a message at the normal number, and I’ll return the call.

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Hypocrate
According to the news I heard on the radio this morning (I do enjoy being in a real red state again – the local talk show hosts give some good conservative golden nuggets of info), Michael Moore owns stock in Haliburton.

Yes, that’s right, the man who says that corporations are ‘terrorists’, and also says that he ‘doesn’t own a single piece of stock’, according to IRS records owns at least several hundred thousand shares of stocks in companies like Boeing, Pfizer, and Halliburton.

A New Hope
This is news to me, but apparently we’ve got a new Supreme Court Nominee. Sorry, I’ve been living under a rock for a while. I learned about Nominee Alito while listening to the XM radio on the plane to Texas. I’m not sure if I mentioned it publicly before, but I was always convinced that Harriet Miers was a rope-a-dope candidate.

Y’know, a real stinker so that the next one that gets thrown out has a higher likelyhood of getting nominated.

Hey man, I know my analysis is kinda suckin’ canal water right now, but give me a break, I’ve been in survival mode the last week.

Heck, I’ll just talk about the hurricane for a bit.

A Brief Bit on my Hurricane Experience
I won’t go in depth right now because I need to go get some work done, ,but to summarize, my business was almost completely destroyed, my house was ok, there were overturned cars and highly damaged buildings all up and down my street, three waterspouts/tornados in my neighborhood, and no power whatsoever.

The outages in my part of South Florida are expected to last until November 22nd. Why this isn’t still on national news is beyond me.

I didn’t see a FEMA truck the whole time I was down there. From my experiences with the government the last week, it is now my opinion that all of FEMA could be replaced with two researchers, a recording studio, and a voice mail system. FEMA is a useless and extraneous organisation. They have no answers for anyone, they’re help is woefulling inadaquate, when proffered at all, and what little help they do provide is actually to refer you to organisations that do the actual helping.

Thank you Former President Jimmy Carter for FEMA. You rock, big guy.