I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I’m staying with my brother James out here in Ft. Worth this week, although I’m leaving for Tyler, tomorrow. He has been a gracious host.

I also got to hang out with Matthew briefly today. Good times all around. I spent most of the day on the TRE and the Dart, so I’m a little tired today, so once again I apologize for making this brief. I promise I’ll start putting some elbow grease into this in the next few days.

Sometimes they surprise you
I was all set to start dissin’ on 50cent’s new film coming out Get Rich or Die Tryin, but the first article I pulled up 50cent was this one, in which someone in the music-entertainment industrial complex actually broke rank and called Kanye West an idiotic asshole, although not in so many words. He believes that Kanye West was ‘off the mark’ in his assertion that President George W. Bush does not care about black people.

“I think people responded to it the best way they can,” 50 told ContactMusic.com. “What Kanye West was saying, I don’t know where that came from.”

Moreover, the rapper attributed what happened in New Orleans to fate.

50 said, “The New Orleans disaster was meant to happen. It was an act of God.”

So there are actual brains in the entertainment world. All these years I had thought them lemmings, and as it turns out, a wolf sleeps with the lambs tonight. Bravo, 50 Cent, way to stand out of the crowd!

And then Sometimes They Don’t (Surprise You)
Apparently, the big story at the moment isn’t that rappers now love bush, but that of course that a new group of people clearly don’t love our President. For reasons passing understanding, South Americans are going to try to ‘descend upon’ the “Summit of the Americas” conference taking place this week and next.

According to the Guardian, a fellow by the name of Diego Maradona, a football star turned broadcaster turned political activist (how many times have we seen this sad story in the United States?) has pledged to create a ruckus and disrupt the talks.

Nothing I’ve read has really explained why they’re so pissed off. Michael Moore’s probably behind this, is my guess.

And yes, for those of you in Rio Linda, that’s irony. Michael Moore being behind everything that’s bad and liberal is like Karl Rove being behind every thing that is bad and conservative.

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