[Rizzn’s Note: This is a repost of a rant I was compelled to launch into from the Broward Libertarian’s board. There is a fellow there named Frank J. Gonzales, and from what I can tell he’s a Democrat trying to rustle up support from the local libertarians, and most of his forum posts are of a hate-Bush-first variety. He is the 2006 candidate for U.S. House vs. Lincoln Diaz-Balart in South Florida.]

That’s great and all, and I’m super-glad you have found an outlet where you can post anti-Bush rhetoric and find an audience for it.

I hesitate to discuss this on a public forum for a number of reasons, but given this is a libertarian forum, I have confidence that the bulk of the recipients of my words will have the intelligence quotient required to comprehend what I’m saying before the knee-jerk rhetoric kicks in.
Stop with the Hate-Bush-First crap. There are a million reasons why this is harmful to whatever cause you call your own, and I’ll try to outline a few.

1) President Bush is a President. It shows disrespect for the office to refer to him as any less than POTUS or President Bush. A lot of sticklers tune you out as soon as you start talking without giving proper respect to the office. When you hate-Bush-first, you have a tendency to forget that he *is* a president.

2) President Bush is not part of an “illegal administration.” There’s a title of a book out there called “If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.” The book isn’t as good as I thought it would be going in, but the title of it is true. The fact is that both times, the President in no way ‘stole the election.’ “But the blackbox voting! But the Republicans! They’re evil!” Seriously, Senators Gore and Kerry lost the elections on their own. We’re talking about two people tied for last place in the charisma race. We’re also talking about two people with the hippie-happy theory of campaigning guiding their ships, unlike a precision guided missile like Karl Rove. Ignore politics, pay attention to campaigning, you you must admit, the Repubs have had a better machine for years now. So stop saying they stole it, and give them credit for their actual accomplishment. The more you bury you’re head in the sand, the less likely you are to ever win an election for your candidate.

3) You look like a whiny, upset child. When will you realize that President Bush isn’t running for anything anymore? Who *cares* how low you’re able to smear him and get his credibility? If you’re concerned about winning elections, here’s a tip: focus on discrediting a candidate you’re actually running against! The President isn’t going to run against you in that Senate or House seat you have your eye on. The President isn’t going to suddenly go into local politics take that mayoral seat either. If you are running for President, he ain’t gonna run against you either. Term-limits!

4) You are alienating half your potential base. This has particular credence since you are posting this in a Libertarian forum. Many of us in this forum and in this party agree with much of the President’spolitics, though we may or may not be dissappointed with the man himself. Every time a hate-Bush-first dittohead crops up, our ire gets raised, and though we may not speak up, we tune you out, because we know your lines, we know what you’re going to say. You end up sounding like every other MoveOn.org, Vietnam-invoking, Hitler-comparing, Shiavo-killing, anti-military, anti-American liberal Bush-hater. I know I’m over-generalizing with the string of epithets I just listed, but by attacking the President at this stage of the game, you are letting yourself be lumped in with this group. Stop it!

5) Because you are a Libertarian, and because I consider myself a Libertarian, you are making *me* look like a Bush-hater. Stop it! I don’t want to be a part of a party of people who are so obsessed withone man, be he the president or not, that all they do is come up with reasons for the American Public to hate or stop supporting the man. There are important issues to focus on, and hating President Bush ranksabout as high up on my list as whether there should be green or purple covered textbooks in our school system. If you can’t think of anything more important to focus on, you aren’t fit for politics, and I don’twant to be part of your crowd.

Simply put, hating-Bush-first is a losing strategy. It allows the opposition to compartmentalize and marginalize you. It is childish. It makes you *and* me look bad.

That’s really all I have to say. I’m sorry if I exploded all over the board or something, but its a sentiment I think is long overdue. My biggest hesitancy in posting something like this is that the Democrats will get a clue, and start becoming a legitimate force in elections again, and as a conservative with common sense, I am not anxious aboutthat prospect.

/mark “rizzn” hopkins

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