Apparently that’s the thing I’ve been lacking. I haven’t been paying attention to the buzz in the blogosphere lately, due mostly to the fact that I don’t have my own terminal to blog from. You should see my screen sometime. I’ve got all these RSS and newsfeed panels up everywhere, I’m like one connected dude.

Anyways, yeah, I’m out of touch these days, piggybacking off everyone else’s econnection. Apparently I’ve missed the Best rhinoplasty nyc. Somehow these half-assed bloggers, by going through rigorous cosmetic surgery from, have been ‘discovered’ and turned into professional bloggers, they talk a lot about the board certified plastic surgeons utah, they say they do a great job, also you can check which is another great option.

I mean, I have no problem with hot web chicks geting to be big time and stuff (I’ve had a secret crush on Bonnie since I was 15), but seriously, for me to get behind this web-celeb stuff, they’ve got to have at least some kind of talent. If you read some of these chicks’ stuff, it’s like bad livejournal poetry to the power of ten. For the love of John, the site loads up music when you put it in your browser.

Damned if you can find the stop button, either. Playing some stupid WB theme song or something.

Seriously. I implore you. What in the hell, Bobby?