I was going to head out to Ft. Worth tonight to go see MC Chris do a show, but as I was planning to leave this morning, getting all my directions down and everything, I realized that the dear MC wasn’t going to be on deck till about midnight, and the show ended at 2AM. Where I am staying, and to get back there in time for some turkey goodness, would mean I was on the road until 4:30 AM best case scenario.

So sorry, MC. I’ll try to catch you in Ft. Lauderdale when I make it back to Florida.

I haven’t bellyached much on the blog about my hurricane plight, but let me take just a moment to say how much I hate the Florida Workforce people. They live to screw me over. First of all, their site is one of the best kept secrets in Florida bureaucracy history. Their domain isn’t something with a .gov, or even a .org, but it’s a .com (fluidnow.com), which makes the site look like an ordinary employment agency site.

Second, and more importantly, after a major Federally-declared disaster, they are charged, by FEMA, with the responsibility of dealing out the monies the government promises to the victims of the disaster in cases where they are prevented from working. Generally, when one is unemployed, they can expect to recieve 80% of their paycheck for usually up to six weeks or so. I’m being told that the most I can expect is around 20% of my paycheck for a couple weeks, if I show them W2s going back two years as well as paystubs going back a number of years as well.

This is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that they are refusing to pay me the meager amount of money that they claim I’m owed until the 28th.

Now, I’m not some sort of entitlement freak. I’ve never in my life recieved a government check. But my whole life I’ve paid in to the government my employment tax, social security tax, and all the other sales taxes I’ve been subjected to my life, not to mention extraneous fines and levvys for traffic infractions and such, and I’ve paid them more or less without complaint.

Is it so much to ask that I get a little bit of that back? I mean I’ve paid into the system because the government said “Hey! We know that you, the little people, are incapable of socking money away for your own benefit. So here, give us 60% of your money, and we’ll give it back to you when you need it.”


I freakin’ hate bureaucracy