I haven’t been posting much lately. For this I apologize. I’ve tried to ponder the lack of inspiration for posting, but I guess it’s more or less been my need to unplug for a little bit. It also could have to do with the fact I’ve been sick for a couple weeks off and on. It also could have to do with that I’ve been extraordinarily busy going back and forth between businesses here in Tyler and Dallas.

I’ve also been embroiled in conflict between my partners in Florida and my friend James Smith. To me, it seems stupid, but somehow it has gotten out of control. I’ve been subjected to eighteen individual email exchanges of escalating viciousness over the course of the last week. It started out as “please send the phone and power adapter.” It ended up being “I will make your life miserable from now to the end of time.” It’s a bit out of hand. I would find the whole exchange a bit ludicrous and funny if I weren’t forced to sign contracts exposing myself to $100,000 liability by continuing to be friends with James.

As a footnote, I suppose it should be said publicly somewhere that this hereby ends James’ involvement with the BlipMedia project. This is only the first of many major announcements forthcoming around here regarding the Blip project.

Speaking of projects, we’ve got a few other big announcements as far as new endeavors go. There’s the DBandit (no, it’s not pet tags), three devices I’ve been contracted to engineer, a new podcasting company, and a couple of other side projects that will bear full entries of their own. Stay tuned for that stuff, it’s very exciting.

… in Adam Curry is a Jerk news
Imagine my surprise, today, having been out of pocket news-wise for a few weeks at discovering that your friend and mine Adam Curry is topping the headlines at Technorati again. The first bit of research as to why revealed he was starting something called “soundvertising”. I’m not sure exactly what this is since I more or less personally boycott all things Adam, but if the cludgy name is any indicator, it very likely is him trying to re-brand the concept of audio commercials and then claim to have invented them. There is no end to the man’s ego. He won’t be happy until there are eternal debates from now to apocalypse whether or not he or Al Gore invented the world.

As it turns out, though, the reason he’s in the headlines has more to do with Mr. Curry’s duplicitous nature, rather than his alleged altruism. Rather than dig through the tons of copy-cat blog posts that Technorati seems to be becoming famous for, I went to the industry source for the buzz on podcasting, Chris McIntyre’s podcastalley.com. There it is, at the top of the “Podcasting in the News” section: Adam Curry Caught Trying to Inflate His Role in Podcasting?

What? Say it ain’t so! According to the first post and the subsequently linked articles, “Former MTV veejay and podcasting entrepreneur Adam Curry appears to have been caught anonymously editing the podcasting entry on Wikipedia to remove credit from other people and inflate his role in its creation. When someone edits Wikipedia without logging in to a user account, the IP address is recorded to guard against abuse. Four times this year, an IP address controlled by Curry,, has made revisions involving the early history of podcasting.”

I would make some drippingly sarcastic remarks about how Adam would never do that, he has way too much integrity, and could by no means be considered to ever do anything to over-extend his image as the ‘father of podcasting,’ but long-time Rizznites know that he has stolen just about every idea put forth by this blog, and are also aware I sell a tshirt that proclaims loudly his jerkiness, and would therefore be suspicious of my sincerity.

For the full story, see here and here.

Dawn Yang
How is it that there is no Wikipedia entry on Dawn Yang? This is like a month total that she’s been in the Technorati most talked about list. I think that qualifies her for at least an entry. Hell, if Smokehouse and I have Wikipedia entries, I think that the hot chick who supposedly did or did not get plastic surgery gets at least a mention, you would be surprised how many people do it. Plastic Surgery Is Everywhere. I’m just sayin’, yo.

Aeon Flux
I know you’re all waiting for my Aeon Flux review here, but Darrell had a fever last night, and we didn’t get to see a premiere, and as you may have heard on Leno last night, they didn’t pre-release Aeon Flux for reviewers (something Ebert and Roeper claim hasn’t happenned since the release of From Justin to Kelly.

The reviewers, who are all miffed they got no advance screening, taglined the film “some thought it might be “Aeon Sux,” but it’s more like “Aeon Lacklux.” Clever, but my guess is much like those of us who saw Aeon Flux in it’s original chopped up MTV format, most people just don’t get it. To be honest, Charlize Theron dressed all hot for two hours in a theatre is worth the price of admission, whether or not they screw up the original spirit of AF or not.

Texas vs. Colorado
True blowout – you don’t see this often. This is a qualifying game for who goes to the Rose Bowl this year. Right now there’s 1:27 left in the third quarter, and the Longhorns are winning 70-3.

All I can say is, “Wow.” My dad told me the score from the other room, and I had to turn it on to see what kind of game was being played. You just don’t see that in football very often.

Yeah, I’ve got a lot of little bits about nothing today. Get over it. That’s all I got today. I’ll start posting more regular. I’ll start eating digi-fiber or something.


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