I’m back from my weekend trip to Florida. I have one piece of advice for all you people living in Texas wanting to travel to Florida. If you ever get the opportunity to travel on Spirit Airlines – don’t. What a long and arduous journey! I missed my first plane out of town, and because I chose the fledgling airline for my ticket, and they didn’t have another flight that left on Saturday to get to Fort Lauderdale. As a result, I had to fly on American Airlines, which is a nice and big airline, but cost me $200 extra dollars for a one way ticket!

Once I got there, my Leo and I had a nice lunch and catch-up session. Then I wound up waiting at the auto-repair place while they worked on changing a tire on my car for three hours!!! I can change a tire in 10 minutes. I don’t know what the big hold-up was, but anyways…

Then I went home and started packing up my belongings. I’m sub-letting my apartment to a former business associate who’s moving back into town, so I had to get all my personal affects out of there. I then proceeded to go home and fall fast asleep until about noon on Sunday. When I woke up, I was in a panic, because I had about four hours to finish boxing things up (and the maid service I called to clean my apartment never showed up! That was a waste of a hundred bucks!).

Fortunately, I go 99% of everything I wanted done this weekend (except I left a load of laundry at the cleaners – and my FAVORITE shirt is there. hopefully Leo will go and pick up my laundry for me).

I took a limosine back to the airport. That was interesting. I found out it was cheaper to rent a limo than to call a cab! At any rate, I arrived at the airport in style, walked up to the counter, and found out the airline had lost my ticket AGAIN!

So, I reiterate, if you ever have the chance to fly on Spirit airlines – DON’T! Bad times!

Fortunately, I had enough cash to buy ANOTHER one way ticket back home.

Cops were told gun likely fake
In Longwood, Florida, The parents of a 15-year-old boy accused of terrorizing classmates with a pistol warned authorities the weapon likely was fake before police shot him in a middle school bathroom, a family attorney said Saturday.

Christopher Penley of Winter Springs reportedly brandished the gun in a classroom and roamed the grounds before a SWAT team member shot him in a bathroom, authorities said.

Officers who went to the suburban Orlando school believed the gun was a Beretta 9mm and did not learn until after the shooting that it was a pellet gun.

The parents, Ralph and Donna Penley, were in contact with authorities during the incident and told them the weapon was likely fake, said family attorney Mark Nation. Ralph Penley went to the school to try to talk his son out of the situation. The boy was clinically brain dead Saturday and his organs were being harvested, Nation said

George Clooney is Gay
If there were any question whether or not George Clooney was gay after his loving apprortions given to his flick Brokeback Mountain, he appeared to fight back the tears as he accepted a special award – the Freedom Award.

The Freedom Award? The Freedom Award!?! The Freedom Award is special tribute “for illuminating our shared values of freedom, tolerance and democracy”, at the 11th annual Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica. Granted, the award wasn’t for the gay-fest Brokeback Mountain, but his performance in Good Night, and Good Luck. Still, though. Crying? Over the Freedom Award? Give me a break.

Sorry ladys, George is taken. With boiies!

Stern and Burn
Howard Stern played it safe on his debut for Sirius Satellite Radio. The show kicked off with secret cast member revelations (that will be matched to the appropriate Stern regular next week), the truth about his romantic trip over the holidays (no marriage for Howie), and the addition of Star Trek star George Takei as the show’s announcer (at least through the end of the week).

Foul language and lewd acts were kept in check, perhaps deliberately. Stern is looking to duplicate — and ultimately surpass — his terrestrial radio success, so there’s no point in going for the jugular overnight. Starting tame also helps Stern prove his point that his show won’t be raunchy for raunchy’s sake.

So there you go. Not exactly a big start for the Stern-master, but maybe he’s mellowing out in his old age. One can only hope. Personally, I tired of the same dick and fart jokes about two weeks into the first time I listened to Stern.

Life … will … find … a way! Bwahahaha!
I know, I normally don’t do a whole bunch of environmental stories, but this one is just great, and I can’t wait to see what sort of search engine results I get from posting this story. Originally found here.

Wildlife researchers have found new evidence that Arctic polar bears, already gravely threatened by the melting of their habitat because of global warming, are being poisoned by chemical compounds commonly used in Europe and North America to reduce the flammability of household furnishings like sofas, clothing and carpets.

There is also evidence that compounds similar to the PBDEs have contributed to a surprisingly high rate of hermaphroditism in polar bears. About one in 50 female bears on Svalbard has both male and female sex organs, a phenomenon scientists link directly to the effects of pollution.

Are You Actually Trying To Tell Me that a Democrat Lied?
…because I thought only Presidents who were named George W. Bush did that. Below is an excerpt I was given from a book called “Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left” by an author named David Horowitz. It should be released in paperback this month.

On July 10, the Democratic National Committee released a television ad which they titled, ‘Read His Lips: President Bush Deceives the American People.’ The subject of the ad – and of weeks of unrelenting Democratic attacks – was a sentence containing sixteen words from the president’s State of the Union address of January 28. The words referred to an alleged attempt by the Iraqi government to purchase ‘yellow cake’ uranium in the African state of Niger: ‘The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.’ The ad included a clip of the president uttering the second half of the statement, but omitting the fact that he was citing a British intelligence report. The DNC text continued, ‘But now we find out that it wasn’t true. Far worse, the administration knew it wasn’t true. A year earlier, that claim was already proven to be false. The CIA knew it. The State Department knew it. The White House knew it. But he t old us anyway.’

In other words, the commander in chief was a liar, and his deceptions had taken America to a war that was needless and that cost America lives.
Democrats were certainly aware of the seriousness of their attacks on the integrity of the president, not to mention the possible ramifications for national security. Presidential candidate John Edwards told a New York Times reporter, ‘The most important attribute that any president has is his credibility – his credibility with the American people, with its allies and with the world. When the president’s own statements are called into question, it’s a very serious matter.’ The fact that the accusations were being made over such a flimsy claim

was thus particularly troubling. The British government continued to stand by its report, making the presidential statement literally true. Moreover, the ad’s insinuations in regard to the CIA and the State Department were misleading since both had vetted and approved the president’s speech. Neither of these considerations served to restrain the Democrats’ attacks.

A year later, when major damage to the commander in chief’s credibility had already been done, a bi-partisan Senate committee investigating intelligence failures leading up to the war exonerated him: ‘We conclude also that the Statement in President Bush’s State of the Union Address of 28 January 2003 that “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa” was well-founded.’

Geek Joke of the Day
Unless you’re the sort of person who immediately recognized why the folks at Google originally sought to raise $2,718,281,828 in its IPO, you might want to just pass over this story. A reporter at News.com noticed an extremely unintentional inside joke with Apple’s closing share price today. On the very day the company officially announced its first Intel-based product, Apple’s stock price closed at $80.86. If you don’t get it, it’s time to read up on your computer history. No, there is no way at all that this was intentional. However, that doesn’t make it any less amusing.

Quote of the Entry:
I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.
Mary Chase

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