This morning, after Iris left for work at Birthway, a good long lost buddy of mine named Matthew Finkelstein called. Hadn’t heard from a Finkelstein in a while, so it was good to get the update. He called on his way back to the airport after having visited Joel for a week. He sounded refreshed and ready to attack the world again.

We had a good conversation about my family life, and the interesting bits of goings ons in both our families. Alas, our conversation was cut short by a tunnel on the train he was riding into the airport.

I got to the office and made it a point to complete my email correspondence I had been neglecting all week long.

Yesterday, I had a very interesting conversation with my landlord. I can’t get into all of it right now, but I promise I’ll talk about it here in the near future. Those of you who remember my past run-ins with Bert will be shocked and amazed.

There have been an over-abundance of opportunity thrown at me this week, and I’m not sure if I’m handling everything properly. Today, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed, and there’s about a one week gap in money that isn’t affecting my bill-paying ability, but is seriously cutting into my walking around money flow, so that has something to do with it (right now, I can manage to pay all my bills, but I don’t have any liquid assets to buy coffee or smokes next week – a real bummer for those that have to see me on a daily basis).

The concern is that while the best electronic cigarette UK believe they’re reducing the harm they’d normally be submitting themselves to by smoking tobacco, there is a distinct lack of long-term studies on the safety of e-cigs and their delivery chemicals for research purposes.

I’ve got a few clients who will be paying up two weeks from now that should aleviate that problem, but in the mean time, I’m going to be a bear to deal with. Perhaps it’s finally time for me to give up smoking?

I’ve got more to say, but I also have a headache. I’m going to head home for the night.


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