Last night Darrell told me about, which I had actually heard about from last week, but hadn’t had the chance to check out. We were dilly-dallying around on the computer at the time, so I decided to check it out. I tried to think of a few people who were truly “dead to me” so I could play with the interface, then I put a couple people on notice just for the fun of it. One of the people who I listed as “dead to me” apparently felt the need to say something about it. Below is his response, which I found in my inbox this morning:

From: Jason Friedman []
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 11:11 AM
Subject: RE:


This is Jason Friedman. I woke up this morning, had my coffee, walked out to my backyard, and stuck my feet in my pool. I then went into my house – the one that I own.(That’s right I am not squatting I OWN the house, closed on it a 2 weeks ago) and sat in front of my computer and proceeded to check my E-mails. I received an E-mail from “People that are dead to me” I found yet another Slanderous and Libel comment. Remember, Mark I sued Leo and Ricky and won. I never embezzled money. As for the money you claim you are owed? You are not owed a penny. In fact you owe me at Least $7,000.00 for your little bandwidth stunt with AIT domains.

Please move on with your life, I read your post and I am glad you are doing well. In fact everyone that has disassociated themselves from Leo and Ricky has done extremely well, me included. I am a big believer in Karma.

What goes around comes around. When I took off from AACS they went right down the tubes. When I won my suit I went down to their little hole in the wall office to repossess my property and found out how well they were doing.

I am sorry that you feel the way you do with regards to the whole incident. Unfortunately No one took the time to review ALL of the information in its entirety Bits and pieces were left out, important pieces that my attorneys had access to. Leo shot first and asked question later. I am glad he did, if it weren’t for that I would not be in such a great position today.

Anyway, in closing please stop posting Lies about me on the web, I am asking nicely this time.

Warm Regards,

Below is my response to Jason:

First of all, methinks you have a poor understanding of the words “dead to me.” Dead to me typically means you are no longer considered alive to me (me being a personal pronoun indicating the person speaking) – so theoretically right now I’m corresponding with the wall, and not an actual living person. The irony of me writing a letter, regardless, is not lost on me however. I know that I might as well be writing this letter to an actual dead person, since you’re so self deluded to think that you did nothing wrong and I might as well be talking to a someone who is actually dead.

Second of all, do you really think I give you much of a second thought all of these many months later? I found the joking “anti-social networking site” last night, and thought “Hey, who are some of the people who have jacked me for lots of dough over my life? They should be “dead to me” … and then I put you on the list.”

Thirdly, I will say whatever I want, whenever I want. Many people have tried and failed to stop me for spreading the word of their misdeeds on the internet before. I am nigh-invincible when it comes to that. You know that. You’ve many times in the past help me spread the noise of peoples’ mis-deeds on my website before, back before you had started jacking me for my time and money.

As for my bandwidth incident, if you’ll recall, it was shortly thereafter that I did invest exactly $5000 into the business myself. I don’t accurately remember at the moment if this was before or after we caught you with your hand in the cookie jar or not, so you may not be privy to this information.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t disassociated myself from Ricky and Leo, and we are all three doing quite well. What was unfortunate was that AACS didn’t ever quite recover from your debacles in business management.

Disassociating from you was too little, too late. And lest you get a big head about how good you think you are, the only reason you won your lawsuits were because our lawyers were inept and forgot to go to court. In the end, wasn’t everything you won from AACS coming down to a picture you felt was worth $5000 (or was it $15,000 – I can never remember what your deluded fantasy demanded it’s worth was).

I have taken the time to ‘review the entire incident in it’s entirety,’ as you so eloquently put it. I went over bank records and billing statements ranging back two or three years. I saw the pattern of selfish greed you had established, and I know who the real culprits in the company’s downfall were. Don’t think you’ve pulled the wool over anyone’s eyes. You have not.

Know that any time I feel like posting about this stuff on my blog, I will. Know that the only time I feel like posting about this stuff on my blog is generally when you contact me. Know that there’s nothing you can do to stop this. Know that I still receive traffic patterns close to 1000 unique visitors per day. Know that I don’t believe this is vengeance or justice, but catharsis. Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord. Catharsis is mine, sayeth the Mark.

I’m glad to know you have finally stopped squatting on your house and made it legal for you to live there. I’d hate for squatting to be the thing you finally get brought down for. It’s rather anti-climactic, like Al Capone being brought down for Tax Evasion.

Lastly, I would like to make clear to you, the people I am BCCing this letter to, and the people reading my blog when I cross-post this correspondence there that you did not “take off from AACS,” you were forced out because you embezzled funds.


Mark Hopkins