I really want to know. I’ve heard a million reasons as why the arguments for legalizing immigrants are flawed, and I’ve heard a lot of noise about how illegal immigration is actually good for the economy. To be honest, I’ve never had a strong opinion on this topic, and the reason being is that illegal immigration, at least in the USA, has never affected me.

I live in Texas, so let me re-iterate – illegal immigration has never affected me.

I’ve never lost a job to an illegal immigrant. No illegal immigrant ever hurt me, nor has one ever threatened to hurt me.

I mean, seriously, why get all worked up over this? Granted, I think we need to monitor who’s coming over the border to make sure there’s no terrorist sneaking into the super-secret tunnel under the fence they’re building or one swimming in the Pecos. Other than that, the more goofballs we have in America, the better, right?

I know this isn’t the most eloquent argument on the subject ever (nor is it a shining example of me making a point very well), but seriously… I think this is a sentiment of a large part of America, and because of peer pressure or the news telling you otherwise, you’re just not saying it.

Well hell, man, I’m saying it. Who’s it gonna hurt?


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