I woke up to my neighbor in my bedroom asking me for help with a car she borrowed from her neighbor (I’ve got to remember to lock my door at night). Somehow she had driven it all the way over to the complex, but it died three feet before it got into the parking spot – it was a standard, and the battery had died preventing it from restarting.

She was drunk from the night before (this around 10AM), so when I jumpstarted her car, I moved it around to her side of the building and stood there chatting with her for a bit. The last thing I remember was saying something like, “Well, I’m going to head up to my place to get a start on the day. Come on over when you wake up.”

I remember starting to feel a bit woozy, and then the next thing I remember is coming to in the parking lot – apparently I had passed out there talking to her, and by her measure, out for a minute or two. Clearly, I’m not quite done with the bug as I had thought I was yesterday.

Given all this, take the following little updates with a grain of salt… I’ve got an enormous headache, my hand is all cut up, and it’s the best I can do.

May 1st Reboot
Apparently, every May 1st now, it is customary for everyone with a website to redesign their pages and design to celebrate and bring attention to HTML standards. I completed a web design last night, and it will go up May 1st, but mostly I’m just happy about the fact that this means I’ll be getting residual income from my clients every year in May.

I don’t have any links on this, Darrell is my source on this. Ask him about it.

An Amusing Chat Conversation from this morning:
A buddy of mine (who shall remain nameless) has gone through a particularly bad breakup. This is a conversation I had with him on MySpace this morning.

XjX said:
What does this mean????

Wednesday Horoscope
You and your heart are going to sit down for a little heart-to-heart. Well, okay, maybe it’s more accurate to call it a mind-to-heart. Or mind-and-body-to-heart. Whatever. You’re going to ask your heart a few hard questions and then, if your heart wants to ask you some hard questions, it gets to. Then you have to answer (fair is fair!), and, ideally, by the end of the conversation you two will come to a whole new understanding.

Saint Rizzn said:
I think, without all the newage-speak, it means you are going to determine what it is you want with regards to your love life as well as what your mental goals are.

XjX said:
Well that is utter gay sauce because I have no love life and my heart has fallen out of my chest onto the stove caught on fire, then rolled down the hallway where the dog has chewed on it excessively and buried it in the backyard under a pile of it’s dog shit where it will lay for 100 years which later grows into a retarded looking blood bush that hisses at you when you walk by.

Saint Rizzn said:
Well there’s your answer; go into the backyard – the secrets to life await you!

XjX said:
You are so confusing.

Well, it was amusing to me. But then I hit my head this morning – what’s your excuse?

Boycott Citgo?
The following was forwarded to me by James today, and verified by Smokehouse. Those of you on the list have already seen it, but for the rest of my Rizznites, here it is.

Venezuela Dictator Vows To Bring Down U.S. Government
Venezuela government is sole owner of Citgo gasoline company

Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez has vowed to bring down the U.S.

Chavez, president of Venezuela, told a TV audience (http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10704025/): “Enough of imperialist aggression; we must tell the world: down with the U.S. empire. We have to bury imperialism this century.”

The guest on his television program, beamed across Venezuela, was Cindy Sheehan, the antiwar activist. Chavez recently had as his guest Harry Belafonte, who called President Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world.”

Chavez is pushing a socialist revolution and has a close alliance with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Regardless of your feelings about the war in Iraq or other highly publicized issues with our government, the REAL issue here is that we have a socialist dictator vowing to bring down the government of the U.S. And he is using OUR money to achieve his goal!

The Venezuela government, run by dictator Chavez, is sole owner of Citgo (http://www.citgo.com/AboutCITGO.jsp) gas co.

Sales of products at Citgo stations send money back to Chavez to help him in his vow to bring down our government.

Take Action.

Please decide that you will not be shopping at a Citgo station. Why should U.S. citizens who love freedom be financing a dictator who has vowed to take down our government?

Very important. Please forward this to your friends and family. Most aren’t aware that Citgo is owned by the Venezuelan government.

Also, as a side note, rizzn.com has 1,111 posts on it now. Yay for symmetry.


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