I have been sleeping a lot these last few days and waking up at odd hours. It’s 3AM, and I just got a friend request on MySpace from Ashley, a buxom brunette from CALIFORNIA, Maryland. Her profile had her AIM address on it, so I decided to hit her up in chat and see what what was up.

Rizzn: hey you, ashley!
BEZZYBABEE : hey whats up, whos this?:)
Rizzn: This is Rizzn. you friended me a few minutes ago
BEZZYBABEE : OH u got my friend thing on myspace lol..
Rizzn: Pretty much. Have we met before? I mean you’re a hot chick and all, and I usually like to give time to the ladees, but I don’t recognize you.
BEZZYBABEE : listen hun..I’m just about to start my webcam show with sasha…its easier for me to chat ya in my chat room if u wanna log in? can u cum watch and chat me there?
Rizzn: The complexities of AIM too much for you?
BEZZYBABEE : you can be one of my VIP guests if you promise not to tell anyone u have VIP status? do u promise?…:-$
Rizzn: Sure.
Rizzn: If by promise not to tell you mean post this chat log on my blog.
Rizzn: I’ve got a thing.. I can only watch lesbians and chat with them if I can brag about it to all my friends.
BEZZYBABEE : well since its the law that u gotta be 18 (nudity involved), u gotta login with a credit card to prove u are 18! Once you login, just tell me your username and I’ll make it a VIP memberhsip (like I do for my friends). ONLY if you promise not to mention in the chatroom that you have VIP.. I can get in trouble *******.com/homepages/nadiapink
Rizzn: I don’t have a credit card. They are part of the Illuminati’s plan to bring about Armageddon.
Rizzn: The mark of the beast and all.
BEZZYBABEE : please don’t mention i am upgrading you once you are in my chatroom ok?:-$
Rizzn: Well, I don’t want to help the anti-Christ by using a credit card, but I do want to watch you get it on with Sasha.
Rizzn: I don’t see pictures of Sasha on this page – if you could show me pictures of her it would help me decide.
BEZZYBABEE : OH SHIT.. k I’m late to start my show, I gotta get off aim..Ill see ya inside my chatroom babe.. You can use your aim name to sign in so i know it’s you.. remember SHHHH about u being one of my VIP’s..
Rizzn: Sure thang bot babe. I’ll keep it on the DL

I’m weird. I think chatting with bots is fun.


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