This morning has been hellacious… but FourSquare was fun last night. After the bulk of the people left, Laney brought up a two-foot kickball. Long story short, interesting new spin on the game but I’m SORE AS HECK!

This morning started way to early for me. I was attempting to sleep off the soreness when Andy called me and told me he had a client breathing down his neck about the polling not working well for him. I’ve been working ever since about 9AM on that. As a result I’m way behind on my other projects, but I suppose I’ll survive.

What’s on Deck?
I’ve been pretty stressed these last couple weeks. Most of you know why I was stressed for part of it, and only those of you who’ve been in direct contact with me know why I was stressed for the other part.

Allow me to illuminate.

After my contract with 5Tribe, due to some prolonged contract negotiations with them, there has been about a three month period I’ve been without a paying gig. Fortunately, just as the ant stores food for the winter, I was no grasshopper, and had savings to hold me over until my retainer fees started kicking in. During that time, I busied myself making deals and starting the next round of new projects that would be my focus for 2006 (I’ve discussed most of them here, but not really rounded them up in one spot. I’ll have to do that some time soon.).

I also spent that time looking for new ways to drum up business, and was on the whole pretty successful at it. Unfortunately, when one is drumming up new business, it takes a while for the pay to kick in (especially with contract work), and as a result, I’ve been stretching my dollars pretty thin.

But when it rains, it pours – this week all but one of my clients sent in their first payments, and I’m back on top. Look forward to a happier, more productive Rizzn for the forseeable future. Bills are paid again, and I have money left over. It always makes one a bit more at ease when he knows where the next meal is coming from.

Just to brief you on the next few paid projects I’m putting together:

1) The Apostle’s Gospel – This is an organisation out of South Florida that puts together study materials on the Bible. The man who heads this organisation goes by the name John Hoskins, and is a very charismatic and knowlegable Bible scholar. His current internet presence could best be described as a static wiki. We are updating his interface to be more blog based, and adding podcasting and vodcasting functionality.

As part of the contract, Darrell and I are headed down to Florida to set up a production studio for him. This means for all my Florida peeps, we have a scheduled visit to Florida in the early part of June. I’m lookin’ forward to it!

2) Comic Book Auction – we don’t have an official title for this project yet, but I have a new client who has contracted me to put together an auction site specifically for comics. It promises to be a fun and exciting project. More on this as it develops.

3) General Computing – Red Springs, a municipality outside of Tyler, has contracted us to take care of their computing and networking needs. Not exciting, but decent money.

4) 5Tribe – 5Tribe keeps us on retainer to take care of new web-design contracting and bugfixes to the DMS Polling system. A pain in the rear sometimes, but still some fun projects come along periodically. Right now, the biggest one on my plate (besides the DMS) is a Landsman utility for automatically generating contracts and lawyer letters.

That’s all I got for now, I need to get back to work, but I’ll update you on the venture projects (hopefully) tomorrow.


Quote of the Entry:
“I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
Pablo Picasso

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