Okay. I’ve got to make this quick. Why? Because I’m going to go get a haircut!

Yes, that’s right Smokehouse, I’m getting a haircut. I’m sorry ladies, but these lovely locks are going bye-bye. I’ll have some before and after shots this afternoon.

I wanted to mention a few things. First of all, I’m incorporating my ad hoc consulting company. I’ve got a few logos, but one that I thought was pretty funny was the one below. Let me know what you think.

Kinda freakin’ goofy. Yes I know. Next.

In other news, Thos and I are officially kicking off the campaign this weekend. No worries, there are no political speeches, no required donations (although any donations will be accepted), just Thos, myself, and 50 or 60 of our closest friends and supporters! Live music, too!

I’ll be reposting this bulletin all week to keep it fresh in your mind. If enough of you respond positively, we may get a carpool or a caravan of carpools going down to Dallas for this.

When: 2-7PM (or later), Sunday 28th May 2006

Where: Eastbridge Apartments Poolside, exit Henderson Ave. in Dallas from 75 and turn left on Willis just after Tei Tei and before Cuba Libre. Park on the street and call Thos to get gate access. (Don’t have my phone number? Message me and I’ll give it to you.)

Why bother?: For some great food and fun in the pool, not to mention the possibility of a little live music. Let’s get the summer started off right with a righteous bash! No RSVP required but it is appreciated!

I’ll remind you again this week in case you forget.

That’s all I got now. More later.

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