Hey guys. This is just a quick update. I’ve got a really busy week in store for me this week, and my schedule is filling up quicker than you could imagine, so this might possibly be the only update to the blog for the week (heaven forfend). I should be sending a few updates the direction of the Fisher for Legislature website though, so you should definately check that out if you get the chance. My brain is in that sleep deprived mode, so this may not make a whole lot of sense, but I’m going to chance it anyways.

A Dating Success Story
Saturday was when the madness began. I was up working on my company’s website (link forthcoming this week) till about 4am Friday night, so I slept in till about 10:30am-ish.

My buddy Jeff has been going through a rough time, relationship-wise lately. I already had plans for the day here in town, as well as plans to travel on Sunday, but as a favor to him when he requested, I agreed to wing-man for him on a blind date with a girl from Duncanville. We headed out to DFW around 11AM to go meet up with his date, arriving around 1:30 or so.

For those of you who know Jeff well, you know he’s lost like 50 lbs. lately, and has been hitting the gym pretty heavily every day. It’s may be shallow, but when someone works to take care of themselves like that, they expect to be able to land a girl who isn’t to heavy to be picked up by anything but a bodybuilder. That said, the girl Jeff was supposed to hook up with was clearly not his type. The myspace profile she had given him was clearly false advertisement (the “myspace angles”).

None-the-less, she was a friend of a mutual friend of ours, and that particular mutual friend was also there, so rather than be rude and ditch her, we stuck around. We palled around with the two girls there at big girl’s house, and had a fairly enjoyable time.

Around 9:30PM or so we were joined a few friends of Big Girl. Two of the girls were pretty cute, and two of them were not quite my type. Of the two that were cute, there was one that could best be described as “freakin’ hot.” Her name was Iris.

Like most single guys do, I suppose, as soon the new girls arrived and we started settling into the social phase of the night, I started mentally assessing the situation; I decided which ones I was attracted to and which ones I thought I had a shot with. The number one cute girl seemed to be giving off the vibe of “I’m not gonna be messing around with anyone here,” so I ended up sort of just being friendly and spreading my attention around equally with the rest of the girls.

At some point thereafter, it became the concensus of the group to head out to the local hotspot of Duncanville, the Tux. The Tux was a trucker bar just off I-20. We head on out, all in seperate cars. Three of the four girls rode together in the car they came in, Iris rode with our friends we were there to see originally, and Jeff and I took my car. Things weren’t really going well for either of us, at least by our asessment at that time, so I suggested to Jeff that we just leave at that point, but he said, hey, let’s just give it a shot, go into the club, and leave in a little bit. I obliged, and we made our way in.

Jeff was talking to our mutual friend Laura (one of the girls we had come to see originally) as I paid the entry fee, and I caught up to him moments later. The club was a cacophony of loud bad music, even louder drunken local yokels, and thick layers of smoke – a veritable cornucopia for the senses. As I walked up on Laura and Jeff, Jeff leans over and tells me “She likes you”… I had to ask him to repeat it, whether it be from the loudness of the club or my sheer disbelief.. then I had to ask him to specify who it was he was referring to. He pointed over in the general direction of the girls, possibly referring to Laura.

I shrugged and headed back towards the booth that had been claimed as our own. I slid into the booth, making room for Laura who was following closely behind me at the time… and then Iris shoved past her and slid in right next to me.

Thus commenced an evening of romantical entanglement. I could go into all the gory details, but I’ll save that for people who ask for them on the Secret Mailing list. I’ll just post this one last picture to the left here which should explain a lot – it was taken at the club.

More pictures of the evening found here.

A Campaigning Success Story
The campaign kickoff was a lot of fun, and a moderate success. We didn’t quite have the turnout we expected. Due to mostly it being Memorial Day weekend, most of the Tyler RSVPs wound up cancelling out at the last moment. Despite this we still had a decent turnout, and over $5000 in pledges and donations were collected during the event.

Additionally, the function served to really jazz our base up quite a bit, we doubled the size of our mailing list, and for the few newcomers we dragged into the party, Thos and I really honed our gladhanding skills. Later today, I should have a full updated post on the campaign website with all the photos from the event. I just realized a few minutes ago that not all the photos downloaded from my camera, and I’m missing about 20 other pictures.

We also had a great night on iRP. Many of the iRP players and GMs were in attendance to Thos’s party, so we all hung out and played together from the same house. I met Cassius for the first time, and even though Sixkiller was supposed to run his session, he was still a bit to … inhebriated … to make it, so GM Vaerkon sat in for him. The upshot is that the kobold Rizzn kicked a berzerking barbian’s butt!

Monday was a real slack of day for me. I laid around Thos’s house recovering from the weekend instead of heading back to Tyler like I should have. Fortunately I did get a couple things accomplished while I was there in the form of campaign work and literature written.

I got back into town close to 5PM, just in time to miss PV and Darrell’s trip to go see XMen 3.

If anyone out there within driving distance of me haven’t seen the flick yet and would like to go with me to the show.. write me or call me. I’d prefer not to go alone.

In other news
Those of you who know me likely know Rob Rooker. I just got this email from him yesterday

I’m married!!

On the 27th of May, I exchanged wedding vows with Mary Boyoi Gola of Southern Sudan.

I now have a wife. I am now a husband. Am still trying to sort that out in my head.;) Is a very strange feeling.

If you would like to see some photos, go to my website www.robrooker.com and click on the picture of me and my lovely wife. Or you can go direct to the photos here

Just wanted to share with everybody my happiness:)


So send Rob your congratulations. I gots to get back to work, folks. Be well!