[Rizzn’s Note: this all comes from the game me and my nerd buddies play called iRP. These are the reactions and fallout of last night’s session]

Rizzn ambled into the inn, looking for a place to crash. Cassius stepped thru the door behind Rizzn. It had been an especially bloody night. Though he had not known the dwarf very well, it was still unsettling to see a crossbow bolt settle directly into Omrii’s skull.

He also felt as if he had let his buddy down. He was there to rescue Caligh’is, his Urdon friend who he hadn’t seen in months and months. Strange, how it was always up to him to do the rescuing – the size and stature of the kobold in relation to an urdon, you’d think it would be the other way around.

To make matters worse, Caligh’is brother Doidaldi had been captured in the rescue attempt as well.

At one point in the evening, he was sure it was lights out for himself as well. He had felt that idiot theif captain’s blade sink into his guts and twist just before everything went dim.

“Ssssstupid Captian Sssscratch. King of the Jerkwaddsssss,” he muttered to himself as he found a place to rest his weary legs. “If I ever ssseee him again, I’m going to tear hissss throat out and feassst on hissss jugularssss.”

“Yes, yes I will,” She mumbled to herself, though the gaze on the Cassius’s face told you she was not paying attention to all of what he had been saying until the very end.

The general ambivalance Rizzn tended to feel towards those who would oppose him seemed to be ebbing away. Hatred and the need for vengence seem to be slowly replacing it.

Cassius decided she needed a few ales before she could go to bed. This early morning possessed some of the worst bloodshed she had seen in a while, and the cause of it seriously disturbed her. She listened to most of Rizzn’s ranting about the captain but try as she might she could not suppress the anger that was beginning to grow deep inside her.

As she refilled her mug, she saw Omrii’s body on the gnome sized couch by the fireplace. His arms were crossed over his chest holding his sacred book. Her eyes froze as they landed on the bolt jutting from his skull.

“It’s not right! Omrii, Anello, and Fa Ga Fu didn’t deserve to die! Caligh’is has caused so much trouble,” slamming her mug on the bar she continued, dropping tone her voice “Let him rot.”

She then walks over to the couch, gathering Omrii’s limp, lifeless body and his things, she walks out the door. The sun was beginning to rise and the snow was slowing and getting clean by the best snow thrower as seen on Snow Shifts. The morning was eerily quiet not for the sound of snow crunching from under her feet. After a short time she reached the temple of Plugo, her destination.


In a dark, shadowy place frequented by dark shadowy characters, a middle-aged human man wearing studded leather armor, in great physical condition but clutching a newly bandaged wound at his side, sits quietly.

“The Marquis will see you now.” The servant said plainly before leading this man into a richly appointed room.

“Marquis. I’ve come to collect the bounty on Doidaldi. We have him and his brother, but… the Kei’Dyn all elduded our ambush. We lost two men in the process and some of us were hurt pretty badly. We did kill a dwarf mageling that was with them, but he seemed to be of little consequence.”

An older man, his face hidden by the shadows dancing among the flickering candlelight, answers.

“Call off your efforts for now and return to Neroue. No sense in wasting men over them.”

“And… another thing, milord.”


“They were led by a kobold.”

The marquis had no response except to clench his teeth in hatred. His eyes burned with furious disgust. When he spoke next , it was with cold rage.

“We shall send a message to those adventurers that they will not soon forget.”


Cassius knocked on the door of the Temple of Plugo, as it opened she quickly began.

“He is dead, this temple helped me to return from the dead please do what you can for him. This gnome has enough possessions you can sell if he does not have enough coin. His name is Omrii.”

She handed over his body, keeping his sacred book. She knew he would not be happy if it somehow got lost. She would keep it safe in her room back at the Inn until Governor Lenier returned from his trip, she would then hand it over to him.


As the morning sun rose in Datlis Crossing the next morning, a loud scream broke morning’s silence. A farmer’s daughter – sent to fetch a bucket of water from the river – was greeted with a most grisly sight.

On the Heroes’ Haven Inn side of the Nimphlad bridge, two urdon heads were spiked onto the ends of ten foot stakes. beneath them, the snow was stained with vermillion. The two urdon faces were vastly similar, and anyone from the guild might recognize them as Caligh’is and Doidaldi.

Of the rest of their bodies – there was no trace.

Rizzn was startled awake by the sound of the faraway scream. Apparently he had fallen asleep where he crashed down in the commons of the Hero’s Haven Inn.

“No more being a bussssybody,” the kobold murmured to himself. “That getssss me killed.”

Instead of investigating, Rizzn went into the stables, as was his routine early in the morning to tend to Isobel, Pendleton and Maximillian, the very same mounts which had served him well in his first attempt to rescue Caligh’is.

As he scrubbed down the large mount Pendleton, the kobold spoke as warmly and comfortingly as a kobold could manage.

“No worriessss, my pet. I don’t know if Caligh’issss will be coming back sssssoon, but I’ll take care of you.”


Of the members of Lenier’s guild, it was Lutherous who discovered them first. The farmer’s girl who had discovered the heads earlier was likely scarred for life because of it and that made the sadist Kei’Dyn happy.

When he saw the head of Caligh’is he started swearing and shouting. “Dammit Caligh’is! I save your life twice and again you just go off and die again! I didn’t even get the chance to use you as a slave! I knew it! I knew that when I heard you had been captured I would have to save you because its always ME. For all your might you can’t do anything to save yourself!”

He leapt up and slapped the face with his claws out, blood stained the snow. “But I suppose you aren’t totally useless. Even in death you were able to murder your whore of a sister and rid me the problem of that anal-retentive dwarf. How proud you must be while you burn in agony that you took two with you.”

Then he moves on to Doidaldi. “And you! You filthy monster! Constantly cavorting about waving your genitalia everywhere thinking your beautiful!” He spat on her face. “This is the price that harlots like you have to pay, and if wasn’t the executioners axe that got you first it would be the massive amount of disease that courses through your filthy body.”

Lutherous then removed the two stakes from the ground and hurled them in the river. “The two of you aren’t worth being remembered, so I curse ye to the stomach of the Septopus. At least in death you’ll find your vaunted club Caligh’is. You idiot.”

He spat on the water then walked away

back to the inn.

The morning cold still ached in his bones as the Leonine Kei’Dyn Fa Ga Fu sluggishly limped down the stairs into the mead hall. The adrenaline from last night’s debacle, had long since worn off and with each step down he felt anew the wounds of the previous nights. Perhaps a little warmed mead would help to take the edge off.

It was as he poured the steaming beverage that he first heard the scream. His frail nerves reacted and he jumped out of his seat spilling his drink.

“The fools have come back for more!” He shouts into the upstairs. “AWAKE AWAKE! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK. TO ARMS!” And with that Fa Ga Fu runs outside to behold Lutherous’s desecration.

He watches mesmerized as the gruesome scene unfolds. The muscles in his stomach knot up he beholds Lutherous’s desecrate the dead, even Doidaldi… noble Doidaldi, who died out of loyalty. He could watch no more.


Fire lights his gaze as he points his scythe at Lutherous

“Give me one good reason why you should live.”