[Rizzn’s Note: Frank Gonzalez is running for congress on the Democratic ticket down in South Florida. He has been courting the libertarian vote pretty heavily, but recently, his true colors have been showing, as he has repeatedly insulted the party chair in public forums, insulted leaders in the party, as well as making public calls for all Christians to be put to death. Frank is an immature, idiotic man running for a serious office. Granted, I’d like to see someone in office who represents libertarian ideals, but this man lacks a fundamental understanding of the nature of politics, and would be more of a hinderance to the cause than a help, were he elected.

The following conversational thread came off the LP-Broward message board. The joke at the end is a reference to the fact that Frank’s answer to every question of his abilitiy or tactics is that “I got 55,000 votes in the last election.” And no, 55,000 votes isn’t nearly enough to win in Broward County.]

Sean:Ha! Still not sure whether to laugh or to cry. It’s not deceptive, just delusional.
Frank:Sean, you are talking to me about delusion? I gave you a long list of my accomplishments for the Libertarian cause even BEFORE my 2004 election results. What have YOU done by comparison? Please detail it for me.

Mark: I’ll let Sean speak for himself, but it seems to me he’s the most active organiser for the LP in Broward. Seems to me it’d be someone you wouldn’t want to anger or insult, but then again, I’m only a campaign manager for a state campaign… not a federal candidate with 55,000 votes in a previous election. What do I know?

Sean:How do you think it advances your position to continually insult the people – especially the activists – on this list (this Libertarian Party list)?

Frank: Who have I insulted? Please tell me specifically. Since there’s record, you can quote it. By the way, WHAT “activists” are you describing? Where were these “activists” in 2004? Where are they NOW, in 2006, when they could be joining a common cause just as I called on them to no avail in 2004?
Mark: Frank, I’ll quote myself from a previous exchange that you and I have shared:

So far, throughout this discourse, you’ve insulted anyone who calls themself a Libertarian, anyone who calls themself a Democrat, about three individual members of the list (at last count), anyone who calls themself a conservative, anyone who calls themself a Christian (or is a member of a religion at all, for that matter), and anyone who hasn’t won a political office.

Sean:And then ignore their responses and continue with your (to put it politely) misinformation? Or perhaps, should I say, because you have been corrected many, many times, disinformation? (for now I won’t go any farther than that.)

Frank:Now you’re accusing me of “misinformation”, a euphemism for lying. What have I lied about, Sean? Please do go farther than that. Your hostility is interesting considering that you’re one of the few Libertarian holdouts who just won’t budge to do the real work that’s necessary to engage strangers or, at the very least, understand why I left the Libertarian Party and support the effort to win as a Democrat.

Mark: Ooh, sounds like some bad blood here. But then again, as you’ve proven many times, Frank, you’re not above personal attacks. You’ll do quite well in the Democratic party.

Sean:For starters, I think you owe Andrew and any other Christians on this list an apology, and then you need to stop repeating your disinformation
Frank:Wow! You’re sounding like a right-wing alarmist! Are you Sean Landon or Sean Hannity? I owe Christians an apology? I see…so I owe myself and apology, sort of, since I was baptized, communionized and confirmed too (at the ripe, “wise” age of 12!), even though I renounced my former religion because I saw that it was responsible for the deaths of so many throughout history, just as we, as Libertarians, blast government in general for the same atrocities? Interesting.

Maybe these Christians will forgive me on their own for the transgression of stating bluntly why I defend their right to worship whatever they please so long as they keep it far away from the government that does a piss poor job all by itself already and doesn’t need further corruption and complication. I suppose this is what you call “insults”. If the Christian right tries to use the Libertarian Party or libertarianism in general to sneak their agenda, I will continue to emphasize why Jefferson’s call for a wall of separation between church and state was such a great declaration

Mark: Frank, how hypocritical can you be? You truly do belong in the Democratic party. Every liberal I know tries to blame the system and upbringing of individuals for the individual’s actions – What about individual responsibility? It’s not the fault of a system of beliefs that atrocities were committed in a particular religion’s name. No where in the New Testament does it call for atrocities to be committed.

Religion, much like technology, can be a tool. Tools are neutral until an individual picks it up and uses it for a purpose, be it good,evil, or indifferent. Don’t blame all of us Christians for the actions of madmen before we were born.

Just because you claim to want to protect the institution of religion by keeping the government out of it while at the same time insulting Christians to their faces does not absolve you of the action of insulting Christians to their face. They will still be offended, despite what your internal monologue may be telling you about how good you are for protecting the division of church or state, or how many votes you got in the last election (which from what I understand is something like …. what was it ?… oh dang, I forgot, why don’t you tell me in your response somewhere… I’m sure you remember).


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