Howdy, Rizznites!

Alright, I’m sipping on a beer, responding to emails, and returning the 78 voicemails I received over the weekend, and it’s close to 4:30 in the afternoon. Hopefully this whole week won’t be shot to snot completely. It’s almost end of day to humpday and I’ve not got any money making work done yet. :-/ Thank goodness for retainer checks!

Project News
As for general project news, I do have a number of interesting things to report. It looks as if the plans are in place to launch a brand new blogging network. Yes yes, I know in today’s age of whatever, Yet Another Blogging Network sounds like a load of useless tripe – but this one is different. It isn’t going to be an open invitation type deal… only hand-picked bloggers will be on this network. Hand-picked by me! Because, as we all know, I am the arbitor of cool. I’m not sure of the network name. I would call it the rizzn network, like back in the day – but unfortunately someone scooped out from under me, so that’s out for an idea.

Maybe I’ll give $10 to the person to come up with the coolest name for the new blogging network. Payable through paypal. It needs to not be genre specific, reflect prolific writing style, and make me want to go to a site named that.

I’m also cooking up some super-secret business plans again – the following people in the RIC need to email me: Jeffman, and Jonboy.

The LP Convention
Thos and I had a great time in Houston this weekend at the Libertarian Party State Convention. I met, as I mentioned yesterday, a great number of influential Libertarians, including Michael Badnarik (former presidential candidate), Wes Benedict (LPTexas Exec. Director), Ron Paul (Republican House Member), James Werner (State LP Gubernatorial candidate), and many others. This is the first official Texan LP event I’ve ever attended, outside of our own campaign functions, and I must admit that I was concerned that the stereotypes I’ve accrued in my head over the years that Libertarians were going to be a bunch of kooks would turn out to be true.

Maybe it came from living in zany South Florida, or perhaps dealing with internet kooks who claimed Libertarianism as their philosophy of choice. As it turns out, though, it seemed to be a well put together, largely up-and-coming in appearance, and decently well organised, especially for the stage of development the party is in.

As to the convention organisation – I hope to get on the convention committee for the next one. It was organised well attendance and speaker-wise, but unfortunately the order in which things occurred scared off what little media that was there. The platform meeting took place on the second day, and the nominations and bylaws meeting took place on the first. Essentially the press stuck around for the nominations, and left, greatly hurting our press coverage.

As for what Thos and I did, I’ll give you the informal version here – look for an update on the campaign website later this week with more details on who sponsored what and so forth. I drove down to Houston early Saturday morning – I left around 5:30 AM, as my buddy Jeff told me it would only take a couple hours to get down there if I went 69 > 59 into Houston. As it turns out, this is not the case. It’s especially not the case once you get into Lufkin and ask a gas station attendant for directions, and she ends up sending you to Nacodoches instead.

I was about an hour late to the convention (missing Badnarik’s commencement), but I checked into the Doubletree with relative ease – and I must say it’s a very swank joint, the Doubletree. I joined the bylaws convention as soon as I got down there, just barely missing a lively debate in which Thos tried to amend the non-discrimination clause to include the words “sexual orientation.” The delegates eventually settled on language that simply said that they do not discriminate, without mentioning any particular verbage containing special interest groups.

The luncheon speech was interesting – a speaker who ill-advised candidates to run on the issue of ending the drug war gave a really long speech. I then went to go sit in on an immigration issue panel. Interestingly enough, LPers seem to be just as divided on the immigration issue and how to handle it as the general populace. It will be some time before we all come to a concensus on this, I believe.

Then the nominations took place. The most notable of the nominations were the gubernatorial candidates of James Werner and leutenant govenernor candidate Judy Baker.

James is quite a charismatic guy. Thos’s fiance was quoted as saying “I’d buy anything he was selling.” He has a disarming personality – very gracious and at the same time confident. If we can get him the press coverage he deserves, he’ll make a fine candidate, and even give Kinky a run for his money.

I’ve still got more to talk about – I need to mention our involvement in the platform plank selection process, and the position I was elected to within the party, but I’m running out of time for the day. Poke me tomorrow and I’ll inform everyone on the rest of the story, as Brother Harvey would say.