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Hey there Rizznites. What’s the good word? Still fielding suggestions for the new blogging network – The best one so far is 32D. We also added a new person to the blogging lineup. Just to preview who’s going to be writing for us, I’ll give you the list so far:

MADshow’s Newsguy Jon aka JonboyArmasystema: it’ll be a daily blog and periodic podcast continuation of his show Respect Knuckles.
DarrellI Gave Darrell A Dollar: the latest incarnation of infectious insanity.
Wendy Borrowed Fire: The daily life of a Texan twenty-something.
Matthew GonzoBlogger: The globetrotting Jew tells all, Hunter S. Thompson-style.

Over the next few days, the splash pages will be up on the site, and I’ll have the next few names dropped here on the site. Look out for updates!

Places in Florida
I’ve been looking to get on the road and do some vacationing, so I’ve been getting information about travel out in Florida. One of the things that crossed my desk was this deal about Winter Park, and it was actually pitching me Winter Park Real Estate. I’ve actually driven through the area, and much like most of South Florida, it is like an endless suburb … it’s sort of in the middle of the state. Not sure exactly what the draw is to the place, other than its proximity to Orlando, but I know that there are a good deal of tourism agencies based out of there, and from what I understand quite a bit of money flowing through there for the average businessman. Back in the FlyDLUX days, a good number of our agents were out in that area.

I’ve also got some info on Orlando, as well, which I haven’t read through yet. More on that tomorrow.

On the Subject of Flash and Splash Pages
One of the companies I work with is having a huge internal debate on the topic of a splash page. The debate they are having is meritorious on both sides, but the debate itself is the developer’s attempt at a distraction from having to do real work. It’s reverse from most situations… usually it’s the developer pushing a splash page, but here it’s the client wanting one.

Coincidentally to this conflict, I saw this on Techdirt:

The common use of “flash intros” to corporate websites has never made much sense. Generally, they’re a pain, and even for the few folks who want to watch them, after seeing it once, why should they ever want to go back again? Yet, for some reason, web designers love them, and somehow keep convincing corporations to use them. However, a usability expert studying these things now says that ” the skip intro button is the most used button on the Internet.” While you can quibble over the hyperbole, it does make sense to question why so many firms keep using these types of entryways, when it clearly keeps people from the content they actually want — such as how to buy your product.

[via Techdirt]

Interestingly enough, I see this as one of the few design situations where a splash page is beneficial. We’re talking about a gaming site, and the site is going to be graphically and textually driven, so to entice people in and to spark imagination, images are going to play a big role. The designer in this case is saying that having a splash page is going to reduce the pagerank of the site overall. A way to breach this deficit in pagerank that a splash page can cause is including a blogstyle update on the page that changes periodically, so that weblogs.com and all the other ping services are aware of the site, and that it’ll get referenced periodically in other’s blogs.

Quote of the Entry:
[from a resignation letter my friend Charlene recently recieved] “I wish you continued success in your goals to turn vibrant, productive, dedicated employees into an aimless, inept group of dehydrated, lifeless carcasses.”
– Misti Gensler

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