The saga between me and my landlord continues. I was woke up this morning by the landlord’s secretary handing me yet another eviction notice. This time, it was non-cigarette receptical related – it had more to do with the fact that the check I gave him for June’s rent had a stop payment placed on it.

It’s a convoluted story as to why it all happenned, but I think I can break it down pretty simply. Last week, he taped an eviction notice to my door because he was unhappy with my cigarette receptical. As soon as I recieved it, I placed a stop payment on the rent check, then I called him up to clear up the matter.

I then wrote another check for him, but due to the fact that I am busy, and often times forgetful, I never mailed it until I got a notice taped to my door assigning late fees. I wrote him a kind but firm letter explaining why I stopped payment on the check, and informing him that I had no intention of paying the ‘harassment fees’ in addition to my rent.

This morning, of course, I’m served by the eviction notice papers – I explained myself again. I’m trying to decide whether I need legal representation, or if I can handle this.

One thing is for certain – I’m due to have another hilarious phone call with my landlord soon. Keep your ears peeled for that!

The Rizzn Group/The Oblong Box
Jon came up with the idea of calling the new blogger group the Oblong Box. What do you think?

Two sites in the group are up! Go check them out now, if not sooner!


That’s all I got for the moment.


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