[this post contains paid placement]

Right now, I’m hanging out with Matthew and Luke, its 5AM, and we’re talking about everything under the sun. Matthew has just explained to us the concept of what it’s like to be an Alpha Male, and Luke has just explained to us the intracies of net neutrality. I’ve just explained my philosophy on how to make a business plan succeed.

The convoluted conversation is the result of four redbulls and vodkas a piece, followed by five cups of coffee, then followed by four beers.

I went to an interesting little party this evening run by Caleb Clark of 903mix.com. It was an art showing sponsored by Scion and Red Bull. I met up with all sorts of people that I hadn’t seen in years, including my girlfriend from back in the sixth grade.

Matthew is doing a post on the events that took place. Check out his entry on the topic.

My Personal Life
As is now well known amongst the RICers, I have “broken up” with the girl that I was hanging out with for the last couple weeks. The few words spoken on the subject via the list have created an uproar my inner circle has never seen the likes of before. If you want in on that discussion, I suggest you subscribe. It’s quite vitriolic, or at least it was around 8pm Friday.

But as I recently found out, June is national Rose month, and as I’m now a hot commodity for the ladies, I expect the flowers to start rolling in. Here: I’ll even give you a link for the flower shop make it easy for you. Alternatively, you can send me small sums of gold, if you like.

As a side note, I try to work these paid placements in somewhat unobtruseivly and humourously, if possible, but this next one is so freakin’ obvious it’s sad. I mean, it is true that my car insurance is coming due here in the next few months and I will be needing to switch insurance companies. It’s even true that I’ll likely be switching to Geico soon, because I’ve used Geico in the past, and they’re generally the cheapest in the business.

But who talks about car insurance companies in their blog? I mean how friggin’ boring is that? I dunno. I am a slave to the almighty dollar, I suppose, so the link is there. 🙂

Actually, if it wasn’t about 5:30AM at the moment, I would probably go into the rant I did on Out in Right Field that one time about how I think all car insurance is a scam foisted upon us by a collusion between the government and the insurance industry, but Smokehouse tore me up pretty good when the debate was live, I don’t want to think about how bad he’d tear up my half-witted early morning drivel.

What’s coming up this weekend on the blog
I’m pretty much working straight through the weekend. I’ve got three projects to roll out on Monday, I’ve got a couple more blogs to get up and running on the Oblong Box network (yes, Jon, you’re next on the list), I’ve got the exciting conclusion to the LP Texas Convention story and probably about twenty other things I’m forgetting at the moment.

So watch this space this weekend and prepare to be amazed. Or something.

I’m going to sleep.