Tuesday was a fun day, despite the news I had received from my mother that my grandfather had died. I am sad, but this was not totally unexpected. He had a stroke some 10 years ago, and had been deteriorating ever since. He was a kind man. He loved fishing and pro wrestling. In fact, I was in the process of obtaing all 22 WrestleMania’s on DVD, and I was going to get him a DVD player. I was up to Wrestlemania 17. Guess I didn’t quite make it.

I think I will remember him most for taking me to McDonald’s and buying me a comic book every Monday when I was a little boy. Grandpa rocked. I hope I make it to 90, as well.

I will not be attending the funeral, as I have elected (with the blessing of my family) to stay in Chicago. They know I need the time off.

Anyway, Tuesday was a blast. The day started with two huge hot dogs from Gene and Jude’s. Nothing quite like Chicago Style dogs. Crammed with mustard, onions, peppers AND french fries. Two of those definitely fills a guy up. After that, we pretty much slacked around the house until it was time to go to the Cubs game. We had great seats in the handicapped section just above the bleachers. It was a great night for a game, but we really didnt watch any of it because we were too busy drinking beer. I could care less about a Cubs-Brewers game anyway. In fact, I don’t really think anyone goes to Wrigley for the game. Its more like a pub with a $50 cover.

We only stayed for about 7 innings, because we were tired of paying $6 for domestic beer. At least the Cubs lost, though. Being a St. Louis fan, it does my heart good.

After the game, we headed off to a little pub called Jet Bar or something like that, and drowned ourselves in the $2 pints of Blue Moon, and some Jameson whiskey. It’s a neat little place, and I’m sure we will be returning, because tonight is $2 Guinness night. Look out, ’cause that place is gonna lose money on me.

“I am The Game” 🙂

It must have been a good time, because I woke up at about noon, still wearing my clothes. 🙂

Tuesday drink count: 11 Trip total: 17

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