I knew I’d get around to this eventually.

Not a lot was planned for Saturday. We only had one thing on the agenda, and that is Howl at the Moon.

Now, if you haven’t heard of Howl at the Moon, it’s a probably one of the coolest places in downtown Chicago HATM is a dueling piano bar, and they play all rock and pop tunes. People get all drunk and sing along, as well as play interactive games with the musicians. It’s a pretty good time.

Not only that, when you’re with a fireman, it’s the cheapest place in town. Free cover and half price drinks. Anyway, we met Lindsay (yes), and our buddy Terry down there, and hilarity ensued. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Terry, but I’m happy to say he hasn’t changed a bit. He’s not rude, but he definitely has his own vocabulary, (he refers to being drunk as “mooned”) and sometimes his inner monologue fails him. (There was the hot waitress dressed as a schoolgirl, and he and I were talking about her. Terry said, “Oh yeah man, she’d wake up the next morning with a brick in the back of her head!”

That’s just Terry. The best part? Lindsay, who is dating Terry, was standing there, unbeknowst to him, and heard every word. The thing I said about hilarity ensuing? Yeah, pretty much.

Probably the stangest thing I saw of the night was the “School Spirit Battle”. It’s a slick little game the musiciand play for a set period of thine to get money out of the crowd. Essentially, people keep one-upping each other as far as tips go to get their college fight song played. The game is continuous, so if someone beats another school’s bid, the musicians shift flawlessly into the highest bidder’s song.

I’ve never seen so much money being thrown at two people in the span of ten minutes in all of my life. Bids start at $20, with minimum $1 increases from the previous bid. Some schools battled back and forth. One would put in $25, and then the next person would go $30, and then the original would come back with another $31. Crazy. The final “winner” of the night was some guy from Indiana University, who ponied up $120 to hear his school’s fight song.

Obviously, people in Chicago have way too much money.

After a few hour’s we went to Jet’s for some even cheaper drinks, and then off to White Castle. I LOVE White castle. It is indeed the perfect food when you’re drunk. Nothing is better than “Sliders” and onion rings. I so wish we had one here at home.

All in all, it was a great trip. I hope I get to do it again soon, but I’ll certainly have to find a way to afford it again.

Well that, and try to get my liver to come off strike.

Drink Count: 13 Final Trip total – (6 days): 65

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