I’m currently en-route to Miami at the moment. Pompano Beach, to be exact. At the moment, we’re about 15 minutes outside of Baton Rouge. Rabbi Finkelstein happenned to be in Tyler, and had some business back in Florida, while at the same time the need to go retrieve my car from my place down there became imperitive.

So now I’m headed back with him, and am scheduled to return to Tyler between Wednesday and Friday or so.

Fortunately, Rabbi has a T-Mobile aircard, so I’ll likely be available to chat and answer email during the bulk of the trip. My phone lines are all forwarded to wherever I am, so if you need to get a hold of me for any reason, call all the normal numbers.

Gas is particularly expensive down here in South Louisiana – common are prices above three dollars. I have a feeling the price of gas will be much more down in SouFla. Good thing I’ve got money in silver.

At the moment, I’m hungry, tired, and distracted by a few chat windows at the moment, so I’ll be signing off now, but we’re scheduled to go hit a 24 hour Chili’s in Baton Rouge in a few, so I’ll try to get back to you after that


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