I arrived in Florida around 11pm Sunday night. My time here has been filled mostly with eating, recovering, and making phone calls. I’ve been irritated with the PR firm recently because they have been paying very little attention to the group and not sending the promised amount of paid placements. Despite this, I’m confident we’ll get this worked out, and if not, there is a back-up plan that could be a bit more promising.

This entry is likely going to be quite short – the computer I’m typing this on has what I could only describe as a DefCon 5 level spyware infection. Every 30 seconds, three pop-ups come up. This is after I’ve run my best utilities on the machine to remove everything. On my first run (and this is AFTER I removed about 100 pieces of spyware manually) of AdAware, the detector found around 6,900 pieces of spyware on the machine. It was able to remove all but 214 – still a serious issue.

Because of this issue, I’m having problems getting the sites designed. At this point, I’m doing good to answer emails.

I’m headed over to the AACS office today to do some work and get the client intake website running. I’m also at the same time attempting to determine whether or not my car is worth saving or not. I just found out yesterday that it’s going to take substantially more money to fix the vehicle than I previously thought. Almost too much. If I can find another, cheaper, solution to fixing the car this afternoon, I might do it. Otherwise, I may donate it to some charity, or see if a scrapper will take it of my hands for a small chunk of change.

I had other things to say – At the moment, they all escape me. I just got a phone call from Iris, and my brain has emptied of all the important things I needed to mention.

I’m sure they’ll all come back to me if they’re as important as all that. Hopefully I’ll be at a non-popupped computer soon, and can speak more.

Good legal teams like the ones at simmons jannace & stagg and the local ones in the area don’t show up often enough on channels like that……..Although that would make sense on channels like CC and Sci-Fi….Because they don’t really belong.

[This entry contains paid placement]

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