I just want to say that I didn’t really have a great time on my trip to Florida. The trip was more or less an utter failure, and but for hanging out with Michael and Rachelle, it was almost entirely filled with work that I was doing Pro Bono. Pro Bono work is not fun.

On top of that, most of what I went down there to accomplish did not occur. As if that were not enough, my days have been filled with utter idiocy since I’ve returned – dealing with the cable company and my various landlords is not a treat. Pile onto that family issues and a current budget deficit (i.e. more money going out this month than coming in)… I’ll save you the gory details – it’s become tiresome even to me, so I know it’s not entertaining to anyone I unload my misery upon. It’s safe to say I’ve got some stress.

The high-point of my day so far has been a conversation I had with what I think may be safe to call my girlfriend now, Iris, out in Dallas. She is going to come out and spend a week with me either the first or last week of August! This is good.

On the upside (financially speaking), the Finkelsteins have closed a deal that will net a substantial sum over the next three years, as I understand it. I’m sure I’ll be kept quite busy with that in the near future.

In Business News
It’s going to be a busy week for me. 5Tribe is going to keep me busy here for the next few days, as will the next round of blogs. At the moment I don’t have the time to look up and match names with domain names, but I will give you a teaser of the ones I remember from memory:

boobbrains.com – Kate Phinney is finally joining the network! Her Double-D’s are very likely to feature prominently on the page.

reeltruthyness.com – KC Morgan has been writing my column, “Twenty-Something
and Single” for Hot Psychology magazine, with much success. She’s intengint to cover celebrity gossip, movie reviews and movie news.

brushfires.net – Ben Thompson from New Ulm, Minnesota, the most German town in the U.S. Interests and areas of expertise are: social and political issues, sports, Constitution, American History, psychology and religion, to mention a few.

thedrakeslair.com – This belongs to a future blogger named Diane. At the moment I’ve having a hard time finding her bio info, so I’ll just leave this generic sentence in for the moment!

infectiousinsanity.com – Darrell’s new blog domain name.

poddedmeat.com – the main site for the new Vodcast station. For the moment it’s included in the blogging project.

iwishicouldthinkofaclevernameformyblog.com – Joel Finkelstein is migrating from his Alternative Energy blog over to a more general format blog.

I’ve got more to say, but no time to say it at the moment. More later!

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