Today has been an extremely productive day. It’s amazing how well a week goes when the previous weekend is one of the best in recent memory.

I’ve been really busy with what has been a real roller-coaster of a week. I was dealing with being stiffed for over $3,000 in late-paying clients this week (as well as being screwed for even more money by my landlord – I won’t go into the gory details except to say that Powell Properties of Tyler Texas is by far the worst property management company in the world). Then my girl Iris called me on Tuesday, and suddenly things snapped back into perspective for me – everything was copacetic.

I’m really diggin’ this girl. I don’t often talk about my romantic entanglements on here, mostly because they usually end in tragedy. At the moment, though, I’m really enjoying where this relationship is going, and she really seems to as well. It colors my days rosy and leaves me with a good feeling when I go to sleep. This weekend spent almost exclusively with her was a whirlwind of romantic gushy goodness.

So after the phone call with Iris, things started really looking up for me. One of my clients informed me they had dropped a check off for me at my office. Subsequent to that, I had an interesting session on iRP, in which my kobold Rizzn almost (or may be in the process of dying), but my bubble would not be burst (see later posts this week regarding that whole story).

Wednesday and Thursday were busy days for me. I’ve begun really cranking out these sites in earnest. I had monumental amounts of junk going on Wednesday – I sat down with the studio and Darrell to iron out our shooting schedule for the Podded Meat project. That whole thing is really gelling. I’ll be talking more about that once I get a chance to put up a site for it (yet another thing on my very long list of things to do). Smokehouse is prodding me to get the ModPodder thing done as well. These things will be soon coming up on my todo lists and coming to fruition in a way that doesn’t involve just preperation and things that the public can’t see.

It occurs to me that my writing style has become a bit convoluted and hard to follow – I’m really out of practice of writing a lot. This is due to the fact that I’ve generally got about five contiguous minutes at any given point to do any serious writing – and I’ve got some sort of interruption going on that has me going off in a different direction, and then it’s save to draft and come back later. Looking at my list of unfinished posts is a little depressing. For every post I have for the last three months, I have three unfinished drafts. Doh!

At any rate, I have a few paid placements to get out of the way. I’ve got this credit cards and Orlando Vacation Home keywords to do. I really don’t do much in the way with using real credit cards, and my Florida vacation home is in Miami, so I truly can’t relate this to my life in a meaningful way. Instead, I’ll just mention the following facts to fulfill my legal obligations:

  • Orlando welcomes more visitors than the state of California each year: 43.3 million
  • A credit card is a great way to enhance your daily life, if it’s used responsibly (much like beer).
  • The current population of Orlando is 185,00 (roughly the same as the Greater Tyler area).
  • When visiting Orlando, you’ll find that most car rental companies and hotels will not let you utilize their services without a credit card (that’s a two for one factoid!)

Yeah. I’m done. Back to churning out websites like a good little monkey.


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