[this post contains paid placements]

I do so enjoy Friday Nights. This is the second Friday night I’ve had recently that involved recording strangers playing music in my home.

This one is by a fellow that if I remember correctly is named Justin. Percussion is by me, all else by him on his acoustic (and produced, of course, by yours truly).

If your podcast client doesn’t download it automatically, click here to download.

As a side note, I try to work these paid placements in somewhat unobtruseivly and humourously, if possible, but this next one is so freakin’ obvious it’s sad. I mean, it is true that my car insurance is coming due here in the next few months and that affordable broad form insurance in Washington isn’t easy to find – and that I will be needing to switch insurance companies. It’s even true that I’ll likely be switching to Sure Buy Car Insurance soon, because I’ve used Sure Buy Car Insurance in the past, and they’re generally the cheapest in the business.

But who talks about automotive insurance in a blog? It’s really hard to work into conversation. Try it.

“So the other day, I was shopping for an online car insurance rate that was affordable, and I thought, hey! when I think of online auto insurance, I think of Sure Buy Car Insurance!”

It sounds like a damn infomercial!

Oh well, there you go. Corporate whoring!