Well, I’ll just come out and say it. I fired Darrell today.

It’s been a mighty stressful week, things were tightly scheduled, and if all the cogs weren’t in exactly the right place, the whole structure (much like a jenga puzzle) would come tumbling down.

And once again, Darrell failed to follow through on something. Those that have been following the exploits of Darrell and I over the years will not be very surprised by this. He was the reason the Mark and Darrell show got canned on RantRadio back in the day. He’s probably by far the least prolific blogger on the network, despite the fact he’s had two domain names and three blog designs created for him. He’s also the sole reason we haven’t produced one single episode of LateCast for the PoddedMeat Network yet.

Nevermind the fact that we are two weeks behind schedule on shooting the show – that doesn’t seem to matter to him. Nevermind that I impressed upon him the absolute gravity of the situation if he didn’t perform. Nevermind the fact that he saw how absolutely upset and angry I was the one time Hannah and Sam were no-shows to a rehersal.

He still found a way to blame the whole situation on me, as he did with the MADshow debacle, and as he has done with the blogging situation.

I had reached my fill of this behavior, and when he hung up on me after giving me lip and attitude, I fired him.

Darrell is no longer associated with any of my projects from this point out.


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