AUSTIN – August 24, 2006 – Tomorrow, James Arthur Strohm will file to run as a Libertarian in Texas Congressional District 21, and Barbara
Cunningham will file to run as a Libertarian in Texas Congressional
District 25.

The candidates or their representatives will file the paperwork at 11:00
am at the Elections Division office in the Rusk Building in downtown

Strohm and Cunningham will face incumbents Lamar Smith and Lloyd
Doggett, as well as other candidates. Because of a federal court’s
redistricting decision on August 4, party nominations were nullified,
and candidates were required to pay a $3,125 fee to re-file for an open
special election.

The Libertarian Party of Texas (LPT) expects to have 167 candidates on
the ballot this November.

“We are very pleased that in Travis County, one of our strongholds,
every voter will once again be able to vote for a Libertarian for
Congress,” said Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the LPT.

Travis County also includes part of District 10. Michael Badnarik is the
Libertarian nominee for that district.

Barbara Cunningham replaces Grant Rostig, who received the Libertarian nomination for District 25 in March, but recently re-filed as a Republican.

Benedict continued, “From time to time, Libertarians defect to another
party expecting to be welcomed with open arms, and that’s certainly
their right. It will be interesting to see if Republicans back Rostig,
who was against the War in Iraq and against the War on Drugs. At least,
that was the case while he was a Libertarian candidate.”

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