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The first and second weeks ratings are in for PoddedMeat. If it were two years ago, and it were the Mark and Darrell Show, I’d be absolutely elated – our numbers exceeded any ratings I’ve ever recieved on RantRadio, AKA, and the podcast feed combined. On the other hand, I was expecting a bit higher debut than where we started.

The upside is that we increased our ratings for the second week by roughly 170%. Again, a bit disappointing for me – even though we’re talking four-digit numbers here, I’m expecting these numbers to eventually rival Laporte’s and Rose’s numbers. Granted, I don’t have a juggernaut like Digg fueling my subscriber numbers, but in time I’m sure I will.

I had some really positive conversations with companies that I’m sure you all have heard of yesterday. I can’t say who they are because we’re just in the preliminary talks, but I can say this: watch closely during the commercial breaks in the coming weeks. The promos for second season should start running soon, and will provide clues for the types of entertainment programs we have planned.

Running a set of talking head programs is a bit more difficult than I envisioned, and it’s taking a few more episodes to bang out what our style is than I expected – on the other hand, I think the shows are coming along quite nicely. I think that NewsCube this week finally found it’s rhythm, and RunTime isn’t very far behind them. RunTime has a lot more variable elements to it, so it’s going to take a couple more episodes before I think it’ll gel properly, but it’s definately getting there. Luke and Laney are finally comfortable in their skins on camera, and it’s starting to show.

Monetization Stuff
As you folks know, I’ve been searching around for different ways to monetize and promote the network of Oblong Box as well as PoddedMeat. I’ve managed ad campaigns for companies (before I dropped everything to work on these content based projects, it was something I did for my clients), so when I was sent a link for a PPC management agency to check out, I reviewed the site with a critical eye.

Honestly, they look legitimate, and their FAQ brings up a number of valid points. As someone who has done this type of work before, I think that a couple salient details should be brought up when talking about this or any other PPC management group:

It’s just as important (if not more important) that the copy of the landing site as well as the structure of the landing site be designed to entice in further and capture information from the potential customer. PPC advertising relies mostly on tricking the customer to give you as much information as possible about them so you can drip on them later with further sales calls, be they email, snail mail, or phone calls.

All in all, I think this is a fairly reputable group, from the sounds of it, but I’m concerned about the method of advertising they utilize to promote themselves … I didn’t find them through a PPC ad. The only other weakness I see is that their copy on their website is slightly less than compelling, but then they may have gone to another school of learning when it comes to how they came upon their PPC skills than I did.

All in all, I’d suggest if you’re going to go with PPC management services, try these guys out on a limited basis.

Quote of the Entry:
[Rizzn’s Note: this is just one of the reasons I love this girl]

iris: Love is not an adaquate word I can use to express how I really feel about you… my love for you is more “love itself”
rizzn: That’s beautiful, honey.
iris: cause I am freaking bad ass
rizzn: haha

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