I love bit-torrent.

I’ve been watching season one of Boston Legal since last night. And I’ve been actually doing a bit of web design at the same time. VLC runs amazingly fast with fourteen other applications loaded at the same time.

At any rate, that’s why you’re seeing a text post and no video posts the last 12 hours or so.

On a note of complete seperateness, as many of you know, I am involved with and still am a partner in a VoIP company, and periodically post interesting VoIP news here on the site. One of the sites I’ve found invaluable in research of VoIP equipment and troubleshooting tips is the VoIP forums at Vonage. Yes, even though they are the evil competitor (and I have a dim view of their financial decisions sometimes), they do indeed have what is developing into the best online resource/community for your VoIP questions and answers. Check it out, if you’re ever in the need for that type of thing.


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