Howdy, folks. It’s been a dead week here on the Oblong Box, content wise – a situation I can quite well understand, as I am known for prolonged bouts of silence myself. But a great deal of behind the scenes work is being done that I should probably take a minute to inform you of.

New bloggers online!
MasterBlogger – Jeff Laepple is now online and blogging at Giving his unique brand of angst and relationship advice. Check it out!

Smokehouse – Art Lindsey III, you know him, you love him (or hate him), and he’s going to be more than just a lurker on the list now, he’s spewing his neo-con venom almost daily on his blog starting the end of the week.

New blogger coming online later this week!
Mom On A Tangent – Lauri Heitzer is going to be coming online this week talking about a good mix of things of personal and general interest. We can look forward to this by the end of the week.

New blogger coming in the next few weeks!
Deuce Peveto European Gigalo – Ryan Peveto, aka PV, fixture on the local Tyler scene, is headed on a whirlwind two year backpacking tour of Europe and Northern Africa. Assuming he lands on his feet this week when he hits Europe, he’ll be posting quite regularly to his blog! Look for it!

In addition to the new bloggers, hopefully very soon the OblongBox homepage I’ve been working on will be all finished up. There are some text formatting issues I’m trying to work the kinks out on before it all goes live. Once those are done, I think we’ll have a nice looking home page.

Furthermore, to my writers, I know that we’ve once again hit a dry spell on the Paid Placements, but you can ask Wendy, she and I have been hard at work putting together the work needed to get everyone going with the new PR company. It’ll be all good soon.

In the meantime, I need my writers to continue posting to their blogs. When we start doing new placements, we’ll need slightly older entries to start making the placements on. Doesn’t matter what you write about… just do some writing!

PoddedMeat Stuff
In PoddedMeat news, viewership numbers keep rising exponentially, and I’ve found a number of interesting promotional tools that we’ll be featuring on upcoming episodes of RunTime.

Additionally, serious progress on Paparazzi was made today (we’re coming up the days we’re going to be shooting the pilot/first episode), and some good talks with a major search engine company were made yesterday regarding another headlining show for PoddedMeat. I can’t tell you what the company is yet, but I can tell you that if you’re an avid blogger, you’ve probably been there before.

That’s about all I got at the moment. Deuce!

Moving Concerns
In the near future, I’m going to need to move. Somehow I have survived the torture my landlord has inflicted upon me and I’m nearing the end of my lease. Additionally, Iris will be moving in with me at the beginning of next year, so I’ve begun the search for moving assistance – it’s not easy, moving, and it doesn’t get any more fun when you move as often as I do (once every 3-12 months).

I came across this site – Self Storage Directory – – which looks to be like a definitive site for moving information. You just enter your information and it’ll give you bids on storing and moving your stuff (a lot like the quotecatcher system I use for my website bids). Definately check it out.


[this post contains paid placement]