There’s been a traffic spike lately on the Oblong Box network. I’ve been toying with some different promotional techniques, and a couple of them are hitting paydirt. I’ll be posting more about the specifics later once I figure out exactly which thing I did that worked… It’ll probably be a couple days. Primarily I need to wait until the stats settle down on Google Analytics so I know exactly what’s what.

I spoke with Joel today, and we had a long conversation about many things, including the rising star that is the Oblong Box and PoddedMeat. It’s amazing how far things are coming along, and I must say that I’m a bit surprised with the success of things. I know that sounds a bit weird to most of you, because I talk a big game about how successful and business savvy I am, but I’m a bit like Babe Ruth in that I have a number of impressive homeruns in my stats, but I have an even larger number of unimpressive strikeouts.

I think that amazingly, I’ve estimated the curve of technology growth and adoption properly, as well as gleaned the requisite know-how to execute the project, as well as having been blessed by God for having an altruistic business plan. These factors are what I attributed the growing success of this network – no braggadacio – just a miraculous convergence of circumstance that I’ve been able to navigate.

In other, more personal news, I’d like to formally announce to everyone within eye-shot of this blog that I am in fact engaged to be married. Iris and I became engaged last month, and we’re not announcing a date yet, but we will announce a date soon for the reception. It’s going to be a private affair, with only a couple close friends at the ceremony, and a larger more public affair that is currently slated to be held in Dallas for the reception.

I’m am so amazingly in love and happy with this decision. It feels like my final step into adulthood, so I’m a bit nervous, but more than that, I’m filled with joy and anticipation for the future.

I know one thing, though… all this busyness with work has been causing me coccyx pain (for those of you in Rio Linda, that would be tailbone pain). I’m shopping for a new chair. The one I have currently is a hand me down from my dad. At one point, it was a fine looking faux-leather chair, but all the faux has worn off, and now it looks like a burn victim. I’m thinking of getting one of those chairs that makes you kneel down. Anyone out there tried those (if you know what kind I’m talking about)? They’re supposed to do wonders for your back. Let me know if you have.

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