I’m trying not to turn this into a wedding blog or something, but given that I am soon to engage in the most important … er .. engagement of my life, I think I’m afforded to wax long on this topic.

I’m also told by a few friends that I’m not updating enough on the personal side of my life. I tend not to talk a whole lot about personal issue here unless they’re particularly entertaining, but I’ll indulge myself and the few people who seem to be interested in the topic here for a moment.

To do this, I’ll summarize some of the entries from my super-secret anonymous blog of wonder and mystery. A peek behind the curtain of Rizzn, if you will.

Back in the beginning of April, I waxed philosophical to myself if I had become completely misogynist, as it seemed that every date I been on in the last several years had ended up disappointing in some way shape or fashion. Between the divorce of my parents and all my failed relationships, I wondered if I’d ever meet a girl again and be able to trust and love in the way that seemed only a distant memory.

On May 30th, I met Iris: “Cautious optimism. Am I crazy or did something stir?”

Iris and I met at a birthday party for a friend of one of Jeff and my mutual friends. We went to a trucker bar South of Fort Worth. We kissed and talked for hours, and occasionally danced. It was magic, and I was smitten.

Over the next month or so, we talked constantly on the phone.

In the middle of June: “Iris is definitely the girl for me….And she was all over me kissin’ me and huggin’ me. I’m trying not to say the l-word.”

I was a bit more than smitten. This was the evening of our first official ‘date’. We went to an upscale Italian restaurant and to a sport bar with all you can eat wings and good beers, then to a couple of bars. We talked for hours, then I drove her to her car, and drove back home to Tyler.

I didn’t see Iris for a couple of weeks, but I knew that I was already in love with her. This was during the time to my visit to Florida, and I went to bed every night I was there wishing I could see Iris.

On July 23rd, I admitted something to myself: “I’m not saying it yet, but … the l-word. Yeah, it’s like that.”

This was the evening we finally consummated. A lot!

The next day, I met her son A.J. and he kicked my butt all up and down the place at Smash Brothers. I really get along with him well, and am relieved at this.

On August 8th, I waxed:

Iris and I declared our love for one another last weekend. I swear, I don’t remember feeling this happy in a relationship before. I don’t remember since my first love a feeling of mutual respect, affection, pure love and happiness. We both are thinking the same things, and holding back the same things so as not to move too fast.

We both think each other is ‘the one.’

We both neither want to get married, but we are also thinking to ourselves that if the other were to ask, we’d accept.

August 22nd, I wrote:

Now, I am engaged. I somehow was going to let this occasion pass by unmarked until I snuggled up into bed, and as I often do when Iris is away, I pined for her presence next to me. For some reason, I was spiked a thought and emotion through my being – the last time I was truly heartbroken.

The last time I cried when a relationship ended.

And in that moment I knew that if I were to lose Iris for any reason, that my world would be severely affected. I would hurt. I had made the decision to love her before this, but now the decision has become intractable – I am bonded with this woman. Lord willing, the bonds we share will only strengthen with time.

She is becoming has become my world.

August 24th: We had phone sex.

In the time between the 24th and now, we’ve grown more and more in love each day. Every day I go to bed thinking it’s impossible to be more happy or in love than I am now. Each day I wake up surprised to discover that it is indeed possible.

We’re to be married in December in a private ceremony, but the reception will be held in January, in Dallas, for all to attend. I’m sure we’ll be registering somewhere soon, and I’ll post up the links so you can all buy me crap for that. 🙂

But in other words, no matter what life has thrown at me these last several months, I’ve been overjoyed and happy with life due to the existence of the best thing that’s ever happened to me, my love Iris.

That’s the news on my world. Now …

An open invitation: Everyone needs to clear off the evening of the 29th and possibly the 30th from their calendars. All of Iris’s close friends are coming down from Dallas to meet all of my close friends. If you’re in the Tyler area at that time, I’d like you to meet the love of my life. We’re going to meet for dinner somewhere (taking over the restaurant, no doubt), and then go somewhere and party!

And trust me. Iris’s girls know how to party.

Wedding Planning Things: I’m still looking around at other options, since December is still a good bit of time away. As of now, we’re still planning on hitting Vegas then, but I found an interesting Maui Weddings vacation package gimmick. The whole thing sounds good, but still a bit outside our price range. Maybe for an anniversary, eh?

That’s all for now. More later!


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