News from the Finkel-Front (a conversation I had with Michael Finkelstein this afternoon):

Unclespam21: i mean he is already working like crazy
RznDoUrdn: i hear he’s doing well with that.
Unclespam21: ya
Unclespam21: lol
Unclespam21: now he is sueing wallmart
RznDoUrdn: haha
RznDoUrdn: what for?
Unclespam21: he triped over some machine that wasnt supposed to be in the store or soemthing
RznDoUrdn: lol
Unclespam21: i havent been able to talk to him
RznDoUrdn: he’s ok, right?
Unclespam21: but im preaty sure it will be called finkle mart soon
Unclespam21: ya
RznDoUrdn: HAHA
RznDoUrdn: awesome
Unclespam21: liek aparantly blood from his head
Unclespam21: but nothing deadly
Unclespam21: or un-healable

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