I’ve been up late working on the major Oblong Box site redesigns.

The upside is after extensive testing, we’ll now be able to completely deviate our web designs from each other, and still maintain branding. That is to say, there will be a persistent navbar on top of everyone’s web page, but it will not detract from the overall design, and still maintain continuity between everyone’s pages.

The downside is that while I have the mockup and the concept work done, it’s going to take several more days of development to get this project done.

To go into more boring detail that no one will probably care about besides me: The navbar will allow for editors to maintain payment information for the different writers, auto-update the blogs for those that insist on updating their MySpace blogs, but not their dot-com blogs (you know who you are!), as well as possibly in the future allowing the writers themselves to look at their balances and see how much money they have coming to them.

These things will take a while to develop, but as soon as they are done (and I really am predicting a matter of days here, not weeks), things are going to start looking up for the network aesthetically.

On the finance side of things, several of our writers were just accepted to the tier two PR placement program, so we’ll start seeing a lot more money going out to writers… and Wendy will be likely be doing a lot more typing!

All of these are good signs, because it means the network is finally making enough money for me to focus on developing it full-time. I was worried for a while that it would continue a sort of back-burner status for a few more months, what with me having to focus on paying gigs all the time. But patience of the current writers has won out, and we’ve got something we can actually work with here. We’ve started to tear through the threshhold of obscurity into something that will be noticed very shortly.

Additionally, I’d like to mention that I appreciate every writer’s continued work through these lean times, and I especially want to send out some major kudos to Wendy, who has labored very long for not a lot on the promise that this is going to go somewhere. Everyone send a note of thanks to your tireless assistant editor. She deserves it.


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