5:39 PM smokehouse: duuuuuude
me: sup?
smokehouse: watch hotair if you havent seen it yet

me: haven’t
5:40 PM smokehouse: well, we conservatives are now considered “inappropriate” in the eyes of youtube
Malkin’s group got flagged
5:41 PM me: hrm
what’s the given reason?
smokehouse: dome anti jihadi video she posted, or something. just watch the hotair thing
5:42 PM its San Fran…do you need a better reason?
me: i mean wha’ts the reason youtube is giving?
5:43 PM smokehouse: vilolation of terms of service…you know, standard you cant post that crap
they just sent her the form letter, she cant get a response
the majority of her posting are Fox clips
5:44 PM she’s SUCH a hatemonger
me: ah
law’s law
gotta produce original content
or ascribe to fair use
smokehouse: no dude. you need to watch it. you’re missing the point
5:45 PM me: if she’s using things outside fair use rules, then shit happens
it’s not just her
smokehouse: thats not what its about though
me: i’ve had stuff canned over fair use before
what’s it about?
smokehouse: watch the video. you’ve got 3 minutes
or whatever it is
me: url?
5:46 PM smokehouse: www.hotair.com
5:50 PM me: One, it’s not YouTube that flagged her group as inappropriate.
and Two, if she posted copywritten material, and someone brought that to the attention of YouTube management, they are bound to take it down.
Three, there are tons of video sites out there with less stringent copyright policies. Choose one, and quit complaining.
5:51 PM or Four, host the video on your own domain. Bandwidth is cheap.
Whenever you publish video to someone else’s site, you are subject to their whims
it’s fully within YouTube’s rights to censor content as they see fit.
smokehouse: oh so you think its okay that anti bush vids can be posted and anti jihad ones cant?
5:52 PM me: yep
If I had a viral video site, and I chose an arbitrary editorial policy, it’s my perogative to enforce it as I see fit.
My web site, my rules.
5:53 PM smokehouse: that is true, I just dont see it as proper. I suppose it irritates me how gi snuff videos are appropriate and anti jihad ones arent
5:54 PM just kinda sick
me: This is the same thing I was addressing with the Libertarians in Broward, when they were talking about censorship on these internet sites re: video being suppressed and history being re-written.
Keep in mind YouTube is virtually a big nine.
5:55 PM They are invested in by major media conglomorates.
Same for iFilm.
Google Video, to a certain extent, has similar problems.
5:56 PM Mostly because they are a high profile company and will be forced to take things down because of copyright violations.
smokehouse: just reeks of hipocrisy, if you ask me. Freedom of speech only counts if it passes a liberal litmus

test, these days

5:57 PM me: True… but we still have freedom of speech.
for 100 bucks a month, Malkin could publish her videos from her own website.
5:58 PM She chose to go into someone elses community because it was free video hosting, and it might help the viral nature of her videos. She wanted to partake in YouTubes free service, but when you play in someone elses sandbox, you have to live by their rules.
smokehouse: agreed. I’m just saying. and as far as copyright, maybe I didnt give a good example she’s nsver been flagged for copyright. she got flagged for message hell, if they enforced copyright, youtube would be gone
me: And they may be arbitrary and capricious.
5:59 PM smokehouse: and she does post them to her own site usually
me: They do enforce copyright when the copyright holders complain
smokehouse: everybody uses youtube tho…its a people grab
me: when you’re michelle malkin, you’ve got a high enough viewership for copyright holders to know about it
smokehouse: as far as I know, she’s never been busted for copyright
me: And the provision she read on the show allowed for ‘legal violations’
smokehouse: and really, I dont think FNC cares
6:00 PM me: which could cover copyright.
smokehouse: she works for them 🙂
me: True.
But Fox has been on a rampage lately removing their content from the video sites.
the major ones anyway.
Google and YouTube mostly.
smokehouse: true. but like i said, I got off on the wrong foot. this really wasnt about copyright
6:01 PM I just mentioned it because there are a bazillion fox vids on there
me: But it’s likely the technicality they’ll hinge this thing on with her.
smokehouse: not just hers
the video that was pulled…she made
6:02 PM so I dnt see how that’ll work
me: True, but was she the originator for all the video and images she used?
smokehouse: dont know, I never saw it
6:03 PM but I’m willing to bet she has grasp of “fair use”
me: Honesltly, she should vote with her community, instead of raising a stink.
move to a different hosting site.
smokehouse: she’s been around the block
me: Why fight a battle like this.
smokehouse: I dont thinkmits about actually winning a battle
6:04 PM I think she’s just pointing out hipocrisy
will she win? of course not. she knows that
but she can draw attention to lopsided practices
6:05 PM me: But she’s framing it in a debate.
It’s a poor move, and she ultimately doesn’t hold the winning hand.
Say, You suck YouTube, I’m leaving.
Not, Explain why you did this, when they have no obligation to do so.
6:07 PM smokehouse: its not necessarily about obligation. its like I told you…she’s making a point.
if she didnt violate the TOS as it is written (I honestly dont remember if I saw the vid or not)
me: Well, she’s making it poorly.
Wrong approach.
6:08 PM I will agree that she looks good doing it though.
smokehouse: she draws attention man.
like I said, win or lose, people will know about it
6:09 PM and sometimes thats the best you can do
me: It’s not like she’d have
a problem making it known.
All she’d have to do is say, YouTube Sucks, here’s why, I’m moving.
then talk about it on her next FNC or Bill MAher appearance.
6:10 PM It’s not like she’s going to change the opinions of the management at YouTube.
or the users who flagged her group.
smokehouse: well no..but it is a way to inform people who are less astute than say you or I
me: Quite honestly, it sounds like some mildly popular liberal forum people or liberal bloggers had it’;s readers/posters go to YouTube and flood the group with flags until it got flagged.
6:11 PM smokehouse: most people arent as entrenched in this crap as we are
me: True.
smokehouse: we arent the target
You and I know this crap goes on
6:12 PM its the same reason we blog, dude
when I write stuff, I dont write it for you. I know YOU know
just like you know I know
we throw it out there for those who dont, or dont have the time for it that we do
6:13 PM I mean sure, I’ll discuss my stuff with you, but you arent my target
same thing with this
me: I gotcha.
6:14 PM I know. I suppose I just disagree with her approach.
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