After fighting for two weeks with viral infections, Dargo2 of the HulkHogan Workgroup, located in Tyler, Texas was pronounced in a vegitative state, and the ethernet connection was removed from the network.

The machine remains on life support. Doctors Watson and Solomon made the pronouncement late Thursday afternoon.

“I loved that machine,” user Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins was quoted as saying earlier that afternoon. “Old reliable is what I called him. I remember this one time, his CPU fan spun off and he kept running for five minutes without it! Quite a trooper!”

The machine was known for being remarkably stable for a Windows XP Pro machine, and routinely performed audio, video, and code editing tasks on a daily basis.

At the time of press, all pertinent data was being transferred off the machine to a temporary storage system until Dargo3 could take the workload of the original machine. Dargo3 is expected to be online some time late Saturday evening.


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