This from Bill Crawford at NRO:

The prime minister has a long way to go, and Iraq’s parliament is expected to debate the issue of splitting Iraq into three independent zones in the coming weeks. The Sunnis have the most to lose from breaking Iraq up:

At the top of the agenda was the controversial issue of whether to allow Iraq’s provinces to merge into larger autonomous regions, a move which some Sunni Arab lawmakers fear could tear the country apart.

Other groups, however, strongly support a plan which would create virtually independent zones in the oil-rich Shi’ite south and Kurdish north, and leave Sunni Arabs economically isolated in the barren western desert.

As of this Sunday, debate on the federalism issue was suspended.

I think this is a great idea. Combining Iraq into one large country was only a plan implemented by the departing conquering Brits to destablize the region. Why we continue to try to keep together a country that was designed to fall apart is a little beyond me.

It’s like we keep doing things to put it together, and like that childrens game where all the pieces fly out every 60 seconds, it blows up in our faces. Obviously, we need a radical new approach. This is the most sensible idea I’ve heard in ages, and I hope it passes.



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