I recieved the following not from a fellow Ronnie knows out in Iraq. He’s in some form of Army special forces, as I understand it. I found it entertaining and insightful.

NOTICE: The views and expressions in NO WAY reflect those of the United States Military, its Government, or its affiliates. This rant is the opinion of ME and ME alone. If you are easily offended by strong language then I advise you to skip this bulletin and don’t look back. If you read on….you have been warned.

Are you fu*king kidding me?? Who in the blue hell do these candy-assed reporters think they are?? I sit every now and again and try to choke back the vomit that is trying to find itself on the floor from watching CNN and FOX and Friends.

First of all, anyone that works at FOX News has no friends!! Especially that rat fu*k Geraldo. I really didn’t believe in abortion until I had the fateful chance of meeting this ass head. He is a cluster-fu*k that should be locked in a protable toilet and have it set on fire.

I was at a bomb making facility takeing care of would-be IED’s when this shithead with a camera decided it would be nice to take pictures of yours truly. Political correctness is not one of my strongholds and I proceded to ask who the fuck he was and why was he taking my picture?

He proudly showed me his press badge and told me he was here to report the ‘real news’ over here. Now look, I have no problem with real news being reported but leave my face and name out of it. Most of you know what I do over here and the last thing I need is one of these sand ninjas getting my face and name so he can find a way to send a bomb to my house, compliments of the internet and CNN.

I told him he had 2 options.
Option A: erase my pictures off his stupid camera, or

Option B: I fill his camera full of bullet holes and it doesn’t matter if he is holding it or not.

Guess what his first option was…..Option B!!!

His premise was freedom of the press and it was his duty to report the news for you all to see. A real American hero taking care of a bomb. Well, a drawn 9mm pointed at his chest (where his camera was by the way) he reluctantly chose Option B. Who give these assholes so much power? They think freedom of the press means they have the freedom to interfere with your freedom.

Apparently my decison has pissed off a few of the “higher-ups”. I was told we are here to win the hearts and minds of the local population. My question is “What about the hearts and minds of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers that get to attend their loved one’s memorial service??” To hell with reporters, to hell with CNN (communist news network), to hell with protestors against this war, and to hell with you if what I have to say offends you! If you support our troops, thank you from the bottem of all our hearts.

If you are one of those assholes that have one of those stupid magnetic yellow ribbons on your car or truck that says “Support our troops” and you have it to make you look patrotic and like you give a rats ass, then simply Fuck off! We don’t need your false support!

I have known a few people that have those yellow ribbons that take time out of their busy day to discuss how we should pull our troops out of Iraq and Afganistan; and they support OUR troops? Until they lace up our boots and walk throughout our day, they should keep opinions like that to themselves, or at least around me. After all this is my opinion……I have been wrong.


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