You know what DOS is.
You know what ProCOMM is.
You know who Kevin Mitnick is and what he did.
You remember when Internet access was charged by the hour.
You know what L.O.R.D is.

You remember thinking how bad you wanted a 56K dialup modem.
You’ve ever been “Kicked by SYSOP”.
You’ve know what a password hash is and have attempted to crack one at least once.
You have heard of Cult of the Dead Cow.
All your ____ are belong to us.
You’ve used Newsgroups.
Either you hate trolls, or you enjoy trolling.
You’ve ever considered yourself the King of IRC.
You’ve always hated AOL.
You would greatly enjoy a piece of Alienware.
You know why it’s bad to be a script kiddie.
You’ve cussed your compiler.
You know why Intellivision was better than Atari.
You’re afraid to calculate just how many quarters you spent at the Arcade.
Y2K had the potential to wipe out your social life.
You’ve fragged someone.
You hate spawn campers.
Leroy Jenkins is your hero.
You have at least one cracked EXE or Keygen on your computer.
Every program you own is illegal.
You cheered for Napster and hated Metallica.
You know what Limewire, Morpheus, Kazaa and Bittorrent are good for.
You’ve ever considered yourself “leet”, or made fun of someone who did.

….Compiled by Levontaun.C

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