Hat tip to Ronnie..

You know you’re from Tyler if…
– You can correctly pronounce Bois d’Arc.
-Used the phrase “Troup and the Loop”
-Know what it means to”Cruise Broadway”
-Have ever been told by the waitress at Dee’s to “Get your own
coffee…I’m on break”
– You know what dat Cujo ’bout..
. -Whatchu know bout that number 7 at El Lugar?
-Don’t know what else there is to do on a Friday night besides go watch high school football.
-Attend a high school whose football stadium seats 5x the number of any “Yankee” high school’s.
– You find it amusing that dads will spend major cheese so their underage daughters can get get so drunk they puke during the Rose Festival Parade.
– Attend a high school that’s named for the Commander of the Confederate Army
-. Know the term “Six Flags Over Jesus”
-. Recognize every face of the Whataburger employees on the
12am-4am shift
– You knew that the place to get cheap liquor and sing your ass off at karaoke was at Armadillo Willy’s!
– You have heard the terms: Wal-Mark, Wal-Marks, Wal-Marts, Longvriew, and Shrevesport
– You were taught in elementary by your peers that if you aspire to live a life of prostitution, the place to work was Locust St.
– You know what Harvard on the Hill and TJCool are.
– You’ve been a freshman victim of the Friar Tuck, Biff Peterson, or the good old fashioned Penis haircut…courtesy of the seniors.
-You were that cool senior who chased those little bastards down and shaved them. 🙂
-You can’t remember anybody being sheriff besides J.B. Smith.
-You’ve wondered if a certain group of people that hang out in the courtyard at TJC ever go to class. 🙂
-You’ve always wondered bout Jones and Gross. (I seriously love them both to death)
-You’ve noticed that some people aspire to have their photo in every issue of B-Scene Magazine. -You can name which cemetary David Koresh is buried at, and which plot.
-You’ve attempted to tell a non-Tylerite the story of Bob Rogers, Robyn Rogers, and Louise Ornelas.
– You were taught that all the girls from Whitehouse were hoes. 🙂 hence the name Whitehoes.
– You believe that Dazed and Confused was about Robert E. Lee High School….b/c they drank, got high, hazed the freshman, and loved football. 🙂
– You know what family comes to mind when the mafia is mentioned.
– You’ve told somebody to take Shiloh and get off on Rice Rd.
-You know what really happens at Lookout Mountain.
-You’ve looked for the ghost on Rickety Bridge.
-You never found out who was pricing those vehicles, but you could count on Jack King, Jr. to get ’em outta there.
-Last, but not least…. you know exactly what making a run to the line means.

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