I found an interesting series of quotes. Perhaps I’ll be able to tie them all together into a cogent article with a theme, but don’t count on it. More than likely, Smokey will come up with a smart-ass theme that will be common to all the quotes after it goes up to the list, count on that.

I have altogether too many news alerts dumping into my email box these days, but they do provide interesting fodder with which to talk about – it’s just that I spend the first two hours of my day cleaning out my box and clipping quotes that I share with you, my loyal Rizznites, who are by now no doubt sick of hearing of Libertarian politics. Well, I’ll probably be done with this LP news kick here in another week or two – or maybe not. We’ll see. If it ceases to interest me, we’ll probably go back to updates about other things.

Finland for Thought, a libertarian blogger, misses the mark today when he pegs the LP as not ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative.’

What the U.S. needs is a “socially liberal, economically conservative” libertarian party and the LP isn’t, and will never be, it. You might say, “well even 20% of the vote isn’t enough to get elected”, but it is enough to be taken serious by the media and get the usual 5%-15% support required to participate in major debates. Honestly, what we need is a well-known, wealthy America to get things started. John Stossel would be an ideal candidate.

On the one hand, John Stossel would be an ideal candidate. Before I was involved with LP party politics heavily, I understand that for the 2000 or 2004 presidential nomination bid, the LP had a potential Kinky situation on it’s hands for it’s Presidential nomination. Some fellow who was a bigshot out of Hollywood was running for the LP nomination. The guy was well funded, well connected, and could have made quite a splash on the national media. It’s doubtful that he would have won, of course, but he would have had a lot better chance than Michael Badnarik.

My point in mentioning this is that the LP’s problem with campaigning has little to do with what their positions are on the issues – heck, the LPTexas slogan is "social tolerance, fiscal conservativism." It has to do with a basic lack of understanding of the principals of marketing and campaigning. Over and over again, LP members and LP refugee members in other parties continually demonstrate a lack of understanding of even the most basic of principals of marketing. Until we hire a marketing guru to work for us, we’re going to be SOL.

In the meantime, LPers are playing kingmaker. Another recently disclosed area in which an LP member played a major part in annointing a Democrat over a Republican in this election cycle, Open Democracy shares this tidbit:

In Wyoming, the hard-pressed Republican incumbent, Barbara Cubin, after a televised debate, vented her frustrations by turning on her Libertarian opponent, Thomas Rankin, who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. "If you weren’t sitting in that chair, I’d slap you across the face", she said.

After apologising, she explained that she had been inspired by Limbaugh’s example in his attack on Fox. Cubin narrowly survived on election-day. But, in Missouri, McCaskill ousted the Republican, Senator James Talent, in an indispensable victory in turning the Senate Democratic.

Granted, the LPer didn’t do much but sit there, but still – we played a part.

OK, not the LP’s most shining moment, and I’ll understand if Redpath doesn’t include that in the next ‘give us money’ letter. But the LP isn’t the only one short of shining moments right now. As I and most mentally present Republicans (a much smaller number than one would hope) have been saying lately, the Democrats have no plan for getting us out of Iraq.

Well, today I found the Democrat plan. Just so it’s clear, I want everyone to realize this is a QUOTE of a Democrat on a highly trafficked Democrat blog, and in no way reflects my opinions:

The Democrats can’t ‘cut and run’ in Iraq. Someone, probably James Carvelle, is telling them right now "If you force Dubya to withdraw our troops from Iraq, they will tattoo that on our foreheads in 2008". And they believe him. And that’s all they care about. Morality is just a word they campaign with.

Here’s a suggestion I have for what to do with the Iraq mess — pull the troops out. (Duh.) Spend, say, a trillion dollars setting up air transport from Iraq to the U.S.. Any Iraqi national who wants to can come live in America. We’ll give them a green card, find them a place to live, help them find work, give them a grant to set up their own business.

Or, if they want to stay there, we’ll have this little package for them. Kind of an ‘Iraqi survivor kit. A generator, a year’s worth of MREs, a couple of M16 A1s and a few thousand rounds of ammunition, a Kevlar helmet and vest. Some water purification tablets. A good pair of boots. A box of Hershey bars. A signed apology from Dubya for, you know, breaking their fucking country.

James Dobson will insist we throw in a Bible; that’s fine, the apology will only be good for one bowel movement, anyway.

In exchange, we get them to sign one of those releases that Lucy used to circulate in the PEANUTS strip absolving us of all blame. Everybody goes home happy.

Of course, then the goddam Negroes and the friggin’ Injuns will be all like "Well, where’s OUR Hollywood movie check?" but, you know, scroom. They, at the very least, have frickin’ electricity. They should count their blessings. And vote Democrat, dammit.

That’s all I got for now. I won’t even attempt to follow that.


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