Today has been a day of catchup – it seems to be the theme of the week.  Another theme of the week seems to be fights with PHP.  If it weren’t that the best RSS management script was written in PHP, I’d not be writing this. Magpie, the codebase for most of ModernOpinion, is written in PHP, so here we are.

Still, I’ve gotten a number of interesting little bits of code written this week:

  • A program to take blog posts from MySpace and post them to Blogger blogs (hence no more hounding of Kate and Jeff to post to their .coms anymore).
  • A program that will automatically update the front page of ModernOpinion with breaking news stories.
  • A program that will take headlines from any RSS enabled blog and post them to a MySpace profile – a code I’ve been trying to crack for literally six months.

The take-away is that after this week, and a maturation period of about three months, I’ve got at least three viable blog properties that will hopefully be generating another $2400 monthly gross for the OblongBox network.  This is good news in that this will provide a fulltime salary for the two managing editors, and make everything run a lot more smoothly for the writers as well as giving us a marketing budget (say hello to large numbers of readers, everyone!).

Hopefully, as I apply the scripts in some new, experimental ways, I’ll be able to create a few more viable income producing properties that will get PoddedMeat and ASradio back on it’s feet.  Both projects are suffering a severe lack of funding at the moment, and thus a lack of movement.  With a little bit of money behind them, they will be up and running again, I have no doubt.

That’s all I have for tonight.  Talk to you folks tomorrow.

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