Hey folks. It’s a holiday weekend, and you probably won’t do much reading today, so just to keep you busy over the weekend, here’s a load of links that I found interesting. Check em’ out!


Short term political action links:

http://www.lpalaska.org – the libertarian party with the best chance of a near-term electoral victory, Statewide.
http://www.stomptheban.com – the political property-rights cause in Alaska whose support will gain the libertarian movement of Alaska the most short-term political success (and short term political success can be translated into long-term political success).
http://www.stomptheban.com/donate/donate.html – Donate online today, to create a libertarian victory at the municipal level. (A victory on the issue of smoker’s rights today will help build a strategic partnership that will reform ’eminent domain’ government land grabs in Alaska).

Here is a wonderful perspective about third parties by Rick Gaber:

“They give the otherwise ignored, used, abused, betrayed, disgusted, disappointed, frustrated, victimized, insulted, and/or outraged voter a chance to cast a vote without feeling dirty afterwards, a reason to go to the polls AT ALL in the first place, and maybe even to come out of the voting booth feeling GREAT!”

In contrast to lesser-evil voters — third party voters proudly vote their conscience. They know that the odds are totally against their choices winning. Yet they do not stay home. They are true believers in American democracy. Their votes are strong messages. They are more strategic voters with long term hopefulness about political reform, as compared to tactical lesser-evil voters hoping against reality that when the two-party pendulum swings to the other side something really good happens.

Michael Kerner explains why you shouldn’t be a Republican anymore:

When I first became politically aware as a teenager, Barry Goldwater was running for president. He called his philosophy conservative. He believed in small and obedient government, obedient to the constitution. That notion attracted me and the majority of the 1960s Republican Party and he was the 1964 candidate for president.

Lyndon Johnson (widely known as landslide Lyndon for his 48 vote victory in a Texas Senatorial election where several ballot boxes went missing) did a very good job of convincing the public that if they voted for Goldwater, he would blow up the world and certainly escalate the Viet Nam war. He did such a good job that even Kansas went Democratic that year.

Johnson left office in disgrace for his Viet Nam war mistakes and Republican Richard Nixon won a squeaker in 1968. This was the year of my first vote and I voted for Nixon. He was from the same party as Goldwater and I expected the same philosophy. Boy was I disappointed!

Many people of my generation became disenchanted with the Republicans as a source of conservative thought and action and the Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 as a reaction to Nixon’s treachery. Other conservatives stayed with the Republicans out of some misplaced loyalty, true hate for the Democrats or just an example of the power of faith over experience. They are still conservative in the original meaning of wanting a small, obedient government.


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